Kolkata premiere of ‘Kahaani’ in trouble

The Vidya Balan film is not likely be premiered exclusively in the city that it was shot in

Vidya Balan’s upcoming thriller Kahaani has a pretty solid Bengali connection. While director Sujoy Ghosh is Bengali, the film is shot extensively in various parts of Kolkata. In the promos of the film you see Vidya’s character roaming all over the city in a desperate search of her missing husband.

The filmmaker has also included the song Shotti bolchi as a tribute to Bengal’s capital city sung by Bengal’s favourite singer Usha Uthup. It was an apt move therefore to host an exclusive show of the film for the locals. It would have been a fantastic PR drive which would have worked wonders for the film’s growing curiosity. But now it seems that Kolkata may not have its exclusive premiere as planned earlier.

The reason behind this is an award function which is taking place in Bangkok around the same time that Kahaani’s exclusive show was being planned. Ghosh wanted to show the film to some prominent Bengali directors and actors, but when he learned that most of his colleagues and senior people from the industry would be attending the award ceremony in Bangkok he thought it would be a pointless exercise to plan for a premiere in Kolkata. “’Yes, it’s unfortunate. I really wanted to host a premiere in Kolkata but then people would be away. Let’s see how it goes. I have still not lost hopes and am trying to figure out the logistics. The final decision would be taken in a little while from now. May be we may just manage to sneak in a premiere,”’ said Ghosh in an interview. Kolkata, just keep your finger crossed. We hope the director manages to come up with an alternate plan and you get the first look of the much-talked about film!