The Lunchbox released in Zurich!

The Lunchbox reaches Zurich

Irrfan and Nimrat Kaur’s film might have missed the Academy but there are other achievements to celebrate for this film’s cast. One of the most acclaimed movie of recent times, The Lunchbox, has released in Zurich, a unique event indeed for a Hindi film. “It’s freezing over here. But Zurich is gorgeous. We’re promoting the film here for a weekend release,” lead actor Nimrat Kaur said from Zurich. The Swiss media and movie lovers are reportedly agog about this unconventional love story between two bereft souls in Mumbai who never meet. “It’s amazing over here,” said Nimrat, adding: “After The Lunchbox releases here in Zurich this week, we are off to Berlin to promote the film there. We’ll be in Germany for a week. Then we proceed to France to promote the film in French cities for a week.”

Speaking on the film’s journey, director Ritesh Batra said: “The love for the film has been very overwhelming beyond anything I expected. All the love that the film got outside India would not have meant anything if it didn’t succeed at home. “I think it worked in India because it’s a sincere attempt to look at Mumbai and its people.” The Lunchbox was made with French and German collaboration, and hence the wide release in Europe. “Only 50 percent of the money (for the film) came from India. The rest we had to generate from outside India. There was also a German and a French producer. So that money which was raised from France and Germany had to be used in those countries. That is the rule.

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