The new F-word of Bollywood

It’s all about carrying it well, whether you wear couture or casual, and Deepika Padukone knows just what works best

The new ‘F-word’ in Bollywood is casual. Confused? Problem is, you were probably thinking smutty. By F-word we meant the new fashion trend in tinseltown, which is to stay plain, casual and simple. Before you start smacking your head out of frustration and wonder what style to follow if you are a B-town fashion fan, check this one out: recently spotted was the-very-much-together (however much ever they claim not to be) Deepika Padukone and Siddharth Mallya, walking out of the Grand Hyatt. The duo wasn’t exactly dressed to kill, but casually clad in a way that would definitely make you admire the ease with which they were carrying it off. Deepika wore skinny jeans, a white sleeveless tee and a jacket, with a metallic neckpiece. Siddharth on the other hand was finally wearing something that complemented his permanent out-of-the-bed head-look, all slouchy and comfy-casual. The hotel was also the venue for the Lakme India Fashion Week being held around the same time. So, with one of the hottest models who once walked the ramp keeping it chic and simple as she walked out of the venue, it says a lot for all those who believe that fashion is all about the luxe clothes that were being shown there!