The outrageous sayings of Ram Gopal Varma

There was a time when RGV would talk only in monosyllables, but of late he has taken to Twitter with a certain degree of vengeance. He posts random updates, taking potshots at people without caring about hurt sentiments

Ram Gopal Varma is one of the few politically incorrect Bollywood celebs who tweets without pausing for a moment to think about the ramifications of his casual updates. His takes on almost anything and everything tend to be borderline scandalous and outrageous. He drew a lot of flak for praising Amitabh Bachchan for his act in Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap using a Hindi expletive and, as much as his atheism makes for an interesting read, he often gets bashed up (virtually, we mean). While the entire nation is going gaga about Oprah Winfrey visiting the Bachchans, RGV tweeted, “Is Oprah winfrey a fish? Just asking becos the name rhymes with pomfret”. His take on nationality is quirky as well; for example, “Neither am I proud of beingtelugu nor am I proud of beingindian but I am extremley proud of being an Iamian.” Or “Evry person of evry nation thinks his is the grtst nation cmprd 2 al other nations thereby proving tht patriotism is a stupid self delusion.”

He nonchalantly said, “Ganpathi bappa jst told me in my ear tht al the problems u dumbos kp hvng throughout the year is only bcos u celebrate jesuses mre than his,” and that irked many believers. RGV doesn’t like to be wished on his birthday and other special occasions and to stop people from doing so, he said, “Ahhhhh am sooo happy nd soooo relieved that all u wishers wished..otherwise my year wud hav been f****d..thank u sooo much..I am in tears,” followed by, “Wishes are not horses.. they are donkeys ..horses carry people nd donkeys carry f****d up emotional baggage.” When it comes to being politically incorrect, RGV scores big time. Talking about social activist Anna Hazare, he said, “I guess the primary difference between Gandhiji nd Annaji is that Gandhiji only had followers nd never a team,” and added, “Since neither I undrstood what lok pal bill passing is nd what constitutional amendment failing is I just decided to have another drink.”

It is well known that Big B doesn’t appreciate the usage of swear words but for some reason RGV just can’t seem to control himself. Recently, when a modest AB was talking about himself, Ramu quipped, “sarkaaar if even u are still ortrdinary nd ignorant what does that say about the c’s nd the f`s of the rest of the world?” RGV’s concern for Bollywood seems valid to us, “Frm 2nd largest fim indstry in wrld v boast of one`Lagaan` nd thn v lose out to `No mans land` frm Bosnia wher I dint even knw films existed”. But he did raise a few eyebrows when he tweeted, “With the biggest of budgets we make ‘Kambhakt ishq’ and ‘Ready’ and they make ‘MI 4’ and ‘Avataar’ aur phir bhi humara bharat mahaan.”

Wethinks RGV should not stop his quirky updates on the micro-blogging site, because a good laugh is always healthy. Don’t you agree?