The Rajesh Khanna-Laila Khan connection

Both actors starred in a film called Wafaa, and both have passed away in a year’s time

It’s a strange connection, but in the span of about one year, two actors who starred in a 2008 film have died. The movie we’re talking about is Rakesh Sawant’s Wafaa, and the actors are Rajesh Khanna and Laila Khan.

Laila, an actor who reportedly had links to terrorism, went missing last year. It was revealed recently by the Mumbai Police that she was murdered by her stepfather. Her family, including her mother and three siblings, were also killed and buried in Laila’s farmhouse in Igatpuri in Maharashtra. Makes a chill run down our spine, but that’s how the story goes.

The other actor in Wafaa was the late superstar Rajesh Khanna, prominently displayed on the poster of the film and in sleazy scenes in the promos. The flick was touted as his comeback. But Khanna did cameos in other films before 2008, and went on to do two more films after Wafaa’s release – Kaash Mere Hote (2009) and Do Dilon Ke Khel Mein (2010). Sadly, Wafaa will generally be remembered as his last film.

And we can’t help wondering about the strange coincidence….