The real reason why Saath Nibhana Saathiya might go off air!

The real reason why Saath Nibhana Saathiya might go off air!

According to highly placed sources the channel wanted the story to be taken to a new level as the existing plot was getting saturated. And for that Rashmi Sharma Telefilms had proposed a big fat 20 years leap

The news that the hit Star Plus show Saath Nibhana Saathiya might go off air is already out . However we now get you the real reason why Star may have decided to take off a show which is doing so well on the ratings front.

Readers will remember Saathiya had taken a small leap a while back, speculations were rife that the show’s leads Mohammad Nazim, Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Vishal Singh had resisted a big leap and a compromise was reached on a smaller leap. Vishal had said then that he was fine with minor ageing, but he will never agree to big leap.

But now it seems the creative had asked for a big leap and the trio simply refused to budge. Hence the channel might take the show off air . We at BollywoodLife spoke to Nazim, he said,“The show is not going off air and whatever you say is all wrong .” Devoleena did not respond to our sms . Vishal too brushed aside all rumours suggesting the show will be laid off, “Why should we go off air when we are number two on the ratings charts.”

When asked about the leap issue he says,“ We have not heard about any leap. It might happen after a few months if the channel decides, but the show will not go off air for sure.” When asked point back, will he be ready to be a part of the leap, he quipped ,“ I have not yet thought about it and will cross the bridge when I come to it. ”

We also unsuccessfully tried to touch base with producer Rashmi Sharma and Star Plus . However from what Vishal said wethinks that the trio might eventually agree for the leap and the show will go on… What do you think BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • rohan

    No way…we all fans love sns so much that i dont feel my day is complete if i don’t watch it. It should not be taken off air…In today’s world where serials don’t run even for a year it is no 1 on trp chart even after 4 years(check trp for week 26) that too in 7pm slot. It should not go off air…

  • rohan

    I can give an idea to the cv’s which they can employ without a leap…ahem’s dream is to set up a branch of his company abroad and he does it in london. Whole modi family is happy but unfortunately the company gets gutted down and he incurs a huge loss. To set up his dream company again he needs to shift to london(as no one else is trustworthy enough that he can send them to london to do that) so he goes with gopi,meera and vidya to london. How gopi, who is not much educated survives in london, how the kids live there, how illiterate meera completes her education can form a beautiful story. On the other hand urmi and raashi try all sort to kalakaari’s to make the modi’s send jigar to london wit rashi and her kids but they don’t suceed. So raashi gets jealous of gopi but to prove that she is better than her and that gopi will always remain a gawar she insists to start going to office wit jigar to assist him the way he used to assist ahem(afterall she is educated, right?). urmi takes it as a chance to draw money from rashi and is very happy. This way life of go-shi can be portrayed.

  • Chandok

    It should extend until later this year or next year. It should be saraswatichandra, Mahabharat and diya aur bati hum. Those three shows are boring and waste of time. Saathiya should go on for some more to help star plus audiences. I think we don’t want saathiya to go off air and we don’t see Rashi or Gopi. Please keep them and help us otherwise I will go crazy and make a complain to star plus for making big mistake. Keep saathiya and I don’t need to make a complaint. If u don’t then I will.

  • arya sugi

    cancel diya bati. its so boring but keep this show

  • Superstar001

    Glad that is not going off air. Love this show!

  • naman

    if saathiya leaves then seriously I will cry I miss the show the day go along with it rather yeh rishta kya kalata hai should finish saathiya should finish in 100 years I love saathiya

  • gues

    they should make a leap where meera, vidya, and all the other kids are grown up. And deal with their teenage issues, such as boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. That would be really fun to watch to see the teenage issues and how these kids grow up to be.