The SRK magic

Aamir, Shahrukh or Salman: Who wins every time with the media?

Whatever their personal interactions and battles, the Khan boys are the toast of tinseltown and – more so – of the media. They give interviews as directed by their PR teams and talk about their about-to-release films endlessly, but are now pretty wary of saying anything personal or controversial, unless of course it is carefully calculated to be news-worthy. We are seeing Salman Khan on a media blitz now; it started a while ago with Dabangg and now continues with Ready. Aamir Khan came on strong with 3 Idiots and Dhobi Ghat, and is obviously orchestrating the publicity for Delhi Belly. Shahrukh Khan tends to be easily accessible to those who want him, if he has the time, but is now working on making RA.One read and heard about, never mind that the release is many months away. He is, as we all know, a hot favourite with reporters from every medium. Senior film journalist Anupama Chopra explains that “Salman never talked to the press; Aamir was also extremely reserved and not accessible. But Shahrukh is superbly articulate, superbly entertaining, he tells the best stories. He talks very passionately, and there is never a boring moment. He said to me once that he needs to entertain all the time, whether on the big screen for thousands of people, or one on one. He has this compulsive need to make you happy!” And when you talk to us we are, SRK, we certainly are!