The women who loved Rajesh Khanna…onscreen

Posted Thu, July 19, 2012 11:05am IST

The superstar wooed a whole galaxy of female co-stars in scores of movies. And they certainly seemed to enjoy every moment of the love-god’s magic!

Rajesh Khanna, often called Bollywood’s first real superstar, rose to staggering heights of popularity and fame ‘with his mesmerising charm and romantic roles he portrayed onscreen. But he wouldn’t have managed to achieve such acclaim without a whole harem of beauties by his side. We look at the star actor’s onscreen women, the lovely ladies who brought alive that magical romance and created larger-than-life drama.

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  • sonu

    he is a best actor in bollywood

  • Ranjit kumar

    Rajesh khanna was the no.1 romantic hero of indian film industry. Rajesh mumtaz chemistry was fine. With hema malini the chemistry would be more fine but she was not free with great star & actor Rajesh khanna.Hema malini is a clever woman,she was very free with Dharmendra.

    • ahmad butt

      rajesh khanna and mumtaz 1 of the greatest couple in indian bollywood ….

  • Rusu

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  • bharat patel

    mu je dhanwan film dekhni hai ho to sent kijye