The Xpose movie review: Himesh Reshammiya’s performance overshadows Yo Yo Honey Singh

The Xpose movie review: Himesh Reshammiya’s performance overshadows Yo Yo Honey Singh

Though the film led to expose much creativity, however Himesh manages to give a decent performance

Ananth Narayan Mahadevan and Himesh Reshammiya’s The Xpose is a mediocre film based in the golden era of Hindi cinema. Himesh who plays the character of a cop turned southern superstar Ravi Kumar has yet again made a film, which at many levels try and glorify Reshammiya. Though the script has enough potential to make this film a blockbuster, execution in terms of editing as well as poor screenplay has killed the real essence of this film.

The only thing that works for the film is its dialogues. Ravi Kumar in one scene while denying an intimate proposal says, “Ravi Kumar langot ka bahut pakka hai, woh bistar pe neend ke alawa kuch nahin leta.” That’s not all, while accepting a film offer even after being a debutant actor, Ravi lays several conditions to the producer who in turn questions Ravi’s attitude problem. At this the actor replies with a stoned expression, “Raja ka beta bhale hi nanga paida hua ho, par hota woh rajkumar hi hai.” Though certain dialogues do not suit Himesh’s personality, he somehow managed to carry them off.

Music is unexpectedly pitiable. All the songs are very ordinary and there wasn’t even a single track which one can take back home. Moreover, the songs are repetitively used as the background score which doesn’t work for an audience who has expectations of diverse creativity from the film. Additionally, some songs like Dard Dilo Ke or Ice cream are so bizarre that one can’t help but sulk at the decision of watching the film.

The Plot

The Xpose is a blend of murder mystery, some extra drama and lots of Himesh Reshammiya. Zara (Sonali Raut) is mysteriously killed, while there is no eye witness to this murder. Ravi Kumar starts investigating the murder. Simultaneously a love story is also brewing between Ravi and Chandini (Zoya Afroz) who plays Zara’s arch rival in the film and a lead suspect in Zara’s murder case. While the homicide is being investigated, every single character comes under the scanner. The real culprit manages to escape for a while, but is finally exposed by none other than our self-proclaimed super hero Ravi Kumar. Nothing new indeed.

The Performances

While Himesh was unbearable in the last few films, as an actor The Xpose can be touted as his best work by far. Though he does looks facetious is certain scenes, especially with some dialogues which doesn’t suit his personality. After all he is no Salman Khan. The biggest disappointment for me was rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh’s character (KD Damania). He acted really well in the film, however in certain portions he has been completely wasted. Probably not the right choice for him to debut as an actor. Sonali Raut and Zoya Afroz emulates furniture. There is a dialogue in the film where director Ananth Narayan Mahadevan said, “No Dance, No Expression, No Pose. Only Expose.” The two female actors took this dialogue rather literally. The supporting star cast did a decent job.

The Verdict

In a nutshell, The Xpose is nothing like the suspense films made in the ’60s. The dialogues of the film is the only saving grace which are available on YouTube too, so why waste money in theatres? Himesh has done a decent job, though there is still much scope of improvement. Overall don’t sulk if you miss the film. It’s not worth it.

Rating: 1 out of 51 Star Rating

Reviewed by Avinash Lohana

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  • rahuld


    Himesh is back..

  • rocky


  • Filmi Chakkar
  • Azamuddin ansari

    very nice

  • Ram

    It is a good movie.

  • baba

    Too much to digest in the movie. I didn’t like the movie.

  • Roger

    Ive never ever given any reviews about any movies till date . I would like to say that the movie by Himesh reshamya is worth your money . The story is very nice . himesh has carried his character uptill the end which is really appreciable . yes Yo Yo honey singh has played his character really well . Im actually looking forward to more of Yoyo actually in the near future . Over All Movie including
    the Story 4 stars . Dialogues by himesh Are Cool . Story description is on par with excellence . I would say the movie has to do good at the box Office . Over all Himesh demands his due respect in the acting cinema and so does yoyo honey singh. I would give the movie 4 Star rating .