Thegidi movie review: Ashok Selvan can relish another blockbuster!

The investigative thriller is excellent post the romantic session of the lead actors.

Ashok Selvan of Soodhu Kavvum and Pizza II fame plays the role of a private detective in the film. He is hired by a detective agency. There is one rule for the detective – he should not, in any situation, approach his subject. But as luck would have it or we might call it the script, the detective falls in love with Janani Iyer. Janani Iyer is supposed to be a subject about whom the detective agency requires some details. Just when Vetri (Ashok Selvan) prepares himself to confess, he finds himself in a mess. The details he collected about certain people as part of his job die, one by one. He soon finds out that there is a pattern in their death. All of them have been killed in accidents. He is knowledgeable enough to learn that the next victim would be Madhu (Janani). He goes through a lot of trouble and enters and exits buildings to bring the truth out from a shallow field.

Jayaprakash plays the role of a police officer. He believes Vetri is innocent and follows whatever Vetri says. One clue leads to another, and then another, and finally the murderer and the motive are revealed. Thegidi has an open climax indicating a sequel, just like the Vijay Sethupathi starrer Pizza.

On the whole, the movie is watchable. Though songs and romance hamper the narrative, they are done away with in the beginning. P. Ramesh has directed a winner. Janani Iyer is cute in her limited screen time and Jayaprakash is good in the role of a cop. Some dialogues of his seem to help Ashok in the movie in remembering the past. All’s well that ends well.

Since the film picks up pace nearly half hour into the movie, it is nice. The best part about Thegidi is the run time. It ends before you realize your bladder is full. Don’t miss this thriller.

Rating: 3 out of 53 Star Rating

Reviewed by Karthik Keramalu

* Poor

** Average

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