Thodari tweet movie review: Dhanush – Keerthy Suresh’s train journey is off to a good start!

After a series of postponed dates, Dhanush‘s Thodari hit theatres today! Everyone has been excited about this movie for various reasons. Firstly, Dhanush and Keerthy are coming together for the first time! So fans are looking forward to this new jodi. And then there’s the director Prabhu Solomon who has shot this entire movie on a train! Yes, it’s an adventurous love story set in a train! And this movie promises to have everything – action, romance, comedy. And most importantly, Dhanush was a major reason. This is his first movie of 2016, so fans were eagerly awaiting for this romance actioner! The movie may have released today but fans are already going gaga over the film.

Fans are especially surprised with Keerthy Suresh‘s act as she’s really standing out in the film, while Dhanush has pulled off the role of a pantry worker effortlessly (as usual) Fans are loving the second half even more the first half. A special mention has been given to Thambi Ramiah for impeccable comic timing. So despite being a racy plot, the movie doesn’t forget to have some light hearted moments. It’s like one of the fans calls it – a pakka entertainer! So ere’s what fans on social media thought of the movie. Also Read: 5 reasons we are super excited about Dhanush’s Thodari!