Tigmanshu Dhulia and Atul Sabharwal fight over Subhash Kapoor’s sexual abuse controversy!

Tigmanshu Dhulia and Atul Sabharwal fight over Subhash Kapoor’s sexual abuse controversy!

Yesterday the cyber space was flooded with reports, images and discussion about the alleged molestation of One By Two actor by the Jolly LLB director

Subhash Kapoor and Geetika Tyagi’s video where the latter accused the filmmaker of sexual abuse and even slapped him on camera went viral. While the industry remained mum, this episode triggered a war of words between Bullett Raja director Tigmanshu Dhulia and the Aurangzeb director Atul Sabharwal. After this news was picked by various networks, it created a frenzy and Dhulia took to his micro-blogging page and wrote, “If the film industry has any heart, they should boycott Atul Sabharwal as he was part of this vicious scheme to demean Subhash Kapoor.” Script writer Danish Raza sided with the Phas Gaye Re Obama director and also stood in support of him like the Paan Singh Tomar director. He wrote on his Facebook page, “Geetika’s first narration to me of this incident…was not of sexual assault. To me it clearly sounded like something that happened between two people and there was no mention of an assault. Her first version was exactly same as Subhash’s (consistent) version and her version changed only two days later when she alleged, in the presence of Atul Sabharwal, that ‘force’ was used. Even in that case she says Subhash stopped when she said ‘stop’ so where is molestation in it?”

On the other hand Sabharwal was ready with his defense against Dhulia, he posted his response that read, “Do you know the facts? Were you there at the incident? Am I running around the film industry for support? …Watch the video. Boycott me a thousand times and we will rise bove all of you in this. Shame!! One strong person who shows courage does not deserve this. Check facts and then come forward to say anything.”

Tyagi alleged that she had posted this video titled ‘Subhash Kapoor’s true face‘ on YouTube to ‘caution’ other women who would come in contact with Kapoor while working with him. While Kapoor is yet to issue a statement to the media from his end and will supposedly talk to the media only after consulting his lawyers.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • TheVrai

    This Dhulia fellow has probably done the same kind of thing – otherwise how could you defend this man after watching that video?

  • AviD

    Seen the complete video. It is obviously an organised set up. I guess something might have happened between the two. But the director Subhash Kapoor has obviously been suckered into this. Now they have disabled likes and comments on the video afraid of public comments. I’d urge the readers to view the video themselves (least the posters delete it). They were obviously counting on a trial-by-media to frame the guy.