Tisca Chopra talks about Prayaschit – Gunahon Ke Zakhm

Continuing with its tradition of bringing differentiated and unique content, Sony Entertainment Television has recently launched yet another series, Prayaschit-Gunahon Ke Zakhm. The series is a crime-based reality show and features the real life crime stories, recreated and shown through the eyes of the criminals. The show has Tisca Chopra as the host and is telecasted every Friday at 9 pm.

The show that has already hit the Sony Entertainment screens on 9th September, 2011, will feature the stories of characters such as Seema Parihaar, the notorious bandit who killed seventy people and abducted over two hundred before surrendering to the police in Kanpur in 2003; Laxman Gole who was sucked in to the vortex of crime after he slashed his neighbor with a razor and went on to form one of the dreaded gangs of Kurla; Samunder Singh who was used by his friends to commit the heinous crime of stabbing a Christian Nun, working in their village for the betterment of the adivasis; among host of others who will reveal their dark deeds, repent for the same and ask for redemption.

Talking about challenges faced while hosting a real life crime show, Tisca Chopra said, The first episode that we shot was about a man called Dilip Singh who burnt his wife alive. After the shoot, when I went back home, there was a feeling of fear inside me. He was just another unremarkable person, just like any other person who passes by when we walk on the roads or commute daily. It’s only one moment that can make anyone cross the line and commit a crime; it can be anyone of us. Just like Dilip Singh said ‘Jaise ek shaitani taqat kuch karwa deti hai;’ we do not have the right to be judgmental. Circumstances can lead us to anything. This show is based on a new concept showing that life gives a U-turn. The show is close to my personal philosophy. If one has a strong conviction, life gives opportunities, a second chance to change. More importantly, I tried to feel and connect with the characters and sometimes even deviated from the script.

The basic theme of every episode is all about a person who has done something wrong in his life, which has affected somebody’s life and is now guilty and wants to confess his wrong doing and pleads for forgiveness. If the person is not forgiven, then a way of redemption which is very close to the story/case will be an alternate to the whole thing. The narrative, which will cut into recreations at regular intervals, will be from the point of view of the accused/victim. Recreation will be a major portion of the story to make it more massy and appealing. At the culmination of the episode, Tisca will bind the whole story together for the audience thus playing an important role.

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