To be-wed Esha Deol looks exhausted, no?

Ms Deol looked a tad tired as she posed for the shutterbugs on the day of her mehndi ceremony. Now the reason for that’s obvious – the wedding festivities have been stretched over four days! 

We can imagine Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani gearing up for their D-day. The wedding takes place tomorrow, after which there will be a grand reception. We wonder what Esha’s state will be tomorrow, considering that she’s already looking like a fading flower. Although we are sure there are a lot of people who will readily come to her rescue and keep Esha on her feet, the indispensable person the to-be-bride will need most will be the make-up artist, wethink. So even if our heroine all drained, her beautician can make sure that she’s covered her face with make-up and conceals all the fatigue and stress.

We suggest that Ms Deol makes sure she gets some much-needed beauty sleep. She has to glow like never before and stand out in the crowd on the main day of her wedding, after all!