To Dad with Love: Jai Kalra

It’s that time of the year when children express gratitude to their dads for being their hero, support and guide

Jai Kalra aka Vikram Shergill of Bade Acche Lagte Hain writes a letter to his Dad on Father’s Day. Read on…

Dear Papa,

On this father’s day, I would like to thank you for playing such an important part into moulding me, to be the man I am today. So when people compliment me for my wisdom and clear foresight, I can’t help say a thanks to you secretly.

Though I did not understand your strict disciplined attitude towards me in my teens, I fully appreciate and enjoy its impact into shaping me as a confident, self reliant man it has made me. I often find myself quoting you in my conversations not because I’m honey eyed on you but I see years of experience in it. So if you didn’t buy me a bike in college and made me lug into buses, if you made me work as a bottom level worker in our office rather than giving me the boss’ chair, and many many such other measures, I now fully realise how you were shaping me to take life head on.

Thanks for giving me such wonder-filled years and raising me with dignity, values, ethics and manners that you so magically imbibe. And sorry for being disobedient and unruly in those teens, you were patient… I still remember how when I decided to move to Mumbai to pursue my career in acting, leaving you handicapped in your business, you still nevertheless supported me right throughout. All the struggle I went through on my way up was encouraged by seeing you grow bigger than your challenges in life, never giving up. And today when I have carved a space for myself, I know how super proud you are of me.

Thanks dad for everything. I wouldn’t have done it without you.. You are my hero papa.

Love and respect,

Your son…