Tulip Joshi battles 1200 actors to bag Airlines, says producer Nikhil J Alva

The show went on air on Sunday but apparently Miditech has been working on it for over two years

Apparently, Tulip Joshi was not the first choice as the lead actor for Airlines. The makers went all over India looking for the perfect Ananya Rawat, who could play the First Officer. We got in touch with the co-founder of Miditech to shed some light on it. He said, “We auditioned over 1200 actors from all over the country – Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow and even from the South for the role of Ananya Rawat. I was very clear from the start about two things that I required in my actor. Firstly, I did not want to cast a known TV face for my show – who is already established. After being known as the ideal bahu on TV, it becomes very difficult for them to be credible enough to play Ananya. Secondly, the person has to be a decent enough actor to carry off the role. I didn’t want an 18-19 year old either for this role. The actor has to look a little mature for people to understand that she is an experienced and trained pilot.”

Well looks like Tulip Joshi fit the role perfectly for the producers of the show. We caught the first episode of Airlines and were pleased to see that Tulip had indeed done a good job as the First Officer. While we can’t guarantee much of the storyline, the actor surely seems mature and talented enough to pull it off.

As for casting Yudhishthir on the show, Nikhil said, “Yudi livens up the screen when he comes in front of the camera. This is his first TV show – so he was perfect for the role of Captain Akash. He is witty, great looking, disciplined and simply brilliant on camera.” Let’s hope with such a fabulous cast, Airlines is able to stand tall during the test of time.