Tumhaari Paakhi: Anshuman and Paakhi to make love!

Iqbal and Shraddha recently shot a consummation scene for the daily soap

Anshuman (Iqbal khan) and Paakhi (Shradhha Arya) are about to take the next big step in their marriage. The ongoing track in Life Ok’s Tumhaari Paakhi will have the couple who were confronted with varied difficulties, finally consummating their relationship.

The news will definitely attract eyeballs and generate excitement among fans that have been rooting for Paakhi and Anshuman to fall in love. The makers of the show are certain that the consummation sequence will be well-received by the audience. But the sequence might have a twist at the end which will keep the viewers hooked

On being asked if the scene would make them uncomfortable, actors Iqbal and Shraddha swore by the great chemistry they share on and off screen and said that shooting an intimate sequence with someone they are well-acquainted with would not be awkward. Iqbal has been working in the industry for 14 years and said that he has shot similar sequences before and that he understands the professionalism that entails thus he is cool with it.

We are looking forward to watching this sequence in Tumhaari Paakhi. Keep watching this space for more updates on the show.