Tumhari Pakhi: Will Pakhi win Ayaan and Anshuman’s heart?

She has 15 days to win Ayaan’s heart and approval; will she manage it?

Pakhi (Shraddha Arya) is trying hard to win over her husband Anshuman (Iqbal Khan) and his child from previous marriage Ayaan (Divyam), but so far nothing has worked in her favour.

The recent episodes showcase that Anshuman and Ayaan are very similar when it comes to their king size egos, but they are estranged from each other. Pakhi tries to get the duo closer by creating situations where they are together. She almost succeeds in her endeavours until Anshuman disrupts everything by purposely creating an issue. The dishy dude is ready to try almost anything, so that Pakhi leaves him and he can get back to his old girlfriend, Tanya Rana (Madhura Naik).

While he is trying to make her life miserable, there are times when Anshuman feels that he is drawn towards Pakhi ‘coz of her nature and never die attitude; but almost immediately, he goes in denial. After passing all his tests, he accepts that she is a perfect homemaker, life partner and friend but he is still not ready to accept her. To add to the chaos, he doesn’t even allow his son Ayaan to warm up to Pakhi just so that he can get rid of her.

The current situation is that Ayaan is angry with Pakhi for getting him enrolled in a boarding school; but in reality, it is Anshuman’s handiwork. Tanya convinces Ayaan to accept the interview call and live in a boarding school, which again spoils Pakhi’s efforts of reuniting the family.

Pakhi is hurt that Ayaan has agreed to go to boarding school in spite of her telling him not to. With only a few days left to the challenge, will Pakhi manage to win the little boy and her husband’s acceptance and love? We certainly hope so…