Tumhari Pakhi: Will Tanya prove to be a better mother and wife than Pakhi?

The battle between two women for one man’s attention is deplorable beyond words, but when one is right and the other is wrong – things could get interesting

On learning that Anshuman (Iqbal Khan) is having an affair with Tanya (Madhura Naik), Pakhi (Shraddha Arya) was left heartbroken and she decided to pack her bags and leave the house. Anshuman felt guilty for ill-treating Pakhi and leading her on in a fake marriage.

Just as Pakhi was about to walk out of her husband’s life, her brother-in-law, Girish (Sachin Shroff) stopped her and told her to return and fight for her husband. Instilled with a new ray of hope, Pakhi returned back to the Rathore mansion. She overheard Anshuman’s teary confessions and made up her mind to fight till the very end. Pakhi told the conniving woman that she would divorce Anshuman, only once Tanya proved to be a better wife and mother than herself. Tanya at first objected to this condition, but Anshuman convinced her to accept the challenge.

Well, this certainly seems like fun, no? Knowing how Tanya is, we doubt she will be able to complete any of Pakhi’s challenges without cheating. This will be a golden opportunity for Pakhi to teach Tanya a lesson and show Anshuman that no one can match true love. Wethinks, ideally Pakhi shouldn’t be going through so much trouble for a man who is seriously not worth the trouble. Its high-time Anshuman proves himself worth Pakhi. What do you think BollywoodLifers?