Tusshar Kapoor can finally copy dad Jeetendra in Shootout at Wadala

The actor will replicate his father’s unique 70s style in his upcoming gangster flick

Jeetendra is truly unique. From the effeminate and tacky dance numbers that earned him the title of ‘Jumping Jack’ to the way he dressed, so often in white pants and shoes with a bright shirt – it’s tough for anyone to copy him. Only parody can work well. And for any actor to copy him would amount to career suicide, or a spot on a great Indian comedy show!

But Tusshar Kapoor, it seems, is a very daring actor. Not because of his choice of roles, but because he has decided to do what no other actor has dared to do so far. Tusshar will be copying his father Jeetendra’s hairstyle for his upcoming film Shootout at Wadala.

Apparently, Tusshar plays a 70s gangster in the film and, based on valuable advice from director Sanjay Gupta, he chose to sport a hairstyle from that period. And since Daddy ‘Jumping Jack’ was a superstar during that period, Tusshar chose to mimic his look. He also went to the areas where his character, gangster Sheikh Munir lived and picked up as much as he could to build the character.

We hope Tusshar has thought the decision through, ‘coz anything resembling Jeetendra doesn’t in any way say ‘gangster’, or even ‘crime’. Unless of course it is a be-bopping baddie!