Tusshar Kapoor: No one can do the mute guy role in ‘Golmaal’ like me

As the release of Tusshar Kapoor’s new film Chaar Din Ki Chandni draws near, the Kapoor kid is desperately pinning his hopes on this one

Very rarely does Tusshar Kapoor deliver a hit, but when he does, most of the credit goes to his influential family. Quite immune to the prejudices by now, Tusshar gets all geared up for yet another release. Retouching his make-up before putting on a nicely decked-up face and a pleasant bonhomie in front of the shutterbugs, the ever diplomatic and politically correct actor gets into a confab with us and girds his loins for the new domain he’s all set to enter – film production…


The kind of questions that really irk you

Honestly, nothing irks me any more. I am just plain bored and tired of being compared to my father and sister all the time. That phase is long gone when things used to irk me.

We recently saw you on Arjun Rampal’s ‘Love 2 Hate U’ – how do you deal with such haters on a regular basis?

I keep my distance from such people. I think something in their life doesn’t get fulfilled, which is why the only way they think of venting their anger is by hating others. Otherwise there’s no reason to have hatred in this world.

Wasn’t it difficult playing the role of the aggressive and energetic pappi Sardar in the film, considering you are so calm and soft-spoken?

In fact I felt as if the character is a part of me. This film gave me a chance to let it out. I would call the character my alter ego.

Did you do any prior homework for this role?

Yes, I had to imbibe everything, right from the way he talks and walks. Also I had to figure how this guy thinks, from his head, heart or maybe ass (laughs)!

You are known for character roles – does that satiate your need to get more creative, work-wise?

Fortunately I’ve had diverse roles on my platter. I got a chance to play roles that were not exactly hero-material. You don’t need to be a hero to satisfy you creatively.

Where do you think ‘Chaar Din….’ will place you as an actor?

That, only time will tell. This is my first solo film after a long time, that too with an established director and a great supporting cast. Comedy is something people have always associated me with; therefore I am expecting a lot from this film, ‘coz humour has always been my world and forte.

Your weaknesses as an actor…

I am very critical of myself. Sometimes I think a lot about what’s going on in my work. So instead of focussing on the present, I tend to concentrate on what’s over. I get too worked up. Food has to be the other big weakness. I have to work out double of what I should ‘coz of my love for eating.

Why aren’t you linked with any of the chicks around? Why do you like to be the quintessential good guy all the time?

I don’t! It’s a stamp and I can’t do anything about it. I am a good guy, but I also have my share of fun. I prefer keeping it private till I get really serious about someone and plan to settle down. I don’t make an attempt to hide, but I don’t feed the media with information either.

As of now ‘Kahaani’ and ‘Chaar Din….’ release on the same day? Any insecurity on that front?

Kahaani is a different genre altogether; my film is full of entertainment, entertainment and only entertainment (mocks Vidya Balan)!

Ekta is a successful producer; did you consider taking any tips from her before making up your mind to enter this domain?

We have very different tastes. But I love the fact that she comes up with brilliant marketing ideas. I am all set to invest in out-and-out commercial films, whereas Ekta prefers the offbeat kind of films.

Name one person from the industry who can do justice to your mute guy role in Golmaal

I don’t think anybody else could do that role like me. Maybe Sharman, ‘coz he has always been my partner in crime and he knows the character in and out.