Tusshar saves Amrita

Tusshar Kapoor acted as Amrita Rao’s knight in shining armour on a recent outdoor location for the film Love You Mr Kalakaar

Filming on real locations can sometimes be cumbersome and chaotic, more so if it has famous names attached. Tusshar and Amrita have their fair share of fans. It so happened that one day the team was shooting at a touristy location in Ooty and a huge crowd had gathered. As our man remembers it, “It was a tourist destination and suddenly buses filled with youngsters arrived. In no time there were so many people surrounding us. The situation got out of control.” The actor generally likes to oblige his fans, but that day was different, he says. “I thought there would be a stampede, so I had to find a way out. I ran to my van so that the crowd would scatter away from Amrita and then jumped into my car and escaped the scene; so did Amrita. It was really a scary experience!” That’s called thinking on your feet, Mr K. And do we hear Ms Rao singing ‘Love You Mr Kapoor’?