TV actor and his decade younger female co-star an item?

He is one of the hottest hunks in TV town and is known to make news whether it is for his personal or professional life. His present show is earning a lot of accolades with its concept and superlative performances. The actor is riding high on the appreciation the show has got from all quarters. Buzz is that he has found more than a good friend in one of his female co-stars. The two are totally inseparable and tongues are wagging that something is brewing between the two. People on the sets say that the two just can’t get enough of each other. They chat endlessly for hours and crack jokes. The two also got along fabulously well during an outdoor shoot.

The actor in question was known for his attitude but his chilled out demeanour has surprised everyone on the sets. He is also quite a romantic at heart. Surprisingly, the younger co-star has reiterated time and again that there can’t be any romantic relationship between him and her because there is a substantial age difference between the two. This factor, however, did not stop the two from striking an instant chemistry and being good friends. People say that emotionally they are quite alike.

Frankly, this news has come as a surprise to us as no one would expect this actor to fall for someone like her. But then, opposites attract. Can you guess who is the actor and actress? Do let us know with your comments…