TV review: Brij Bhakta’s ‘The Freaky Traveller’ is on the verge of gross

The show aims to take the road less travelled to Indian tourist destinations and just about makes it

The Freaky Traveller promises the weird, the unexpected and the totally unexplored side of Indian tourist destinations. It delivers, and how! In the first episode, stand-up comedian and host of the show Brij Bhakta took us through Rajasthan and, as promised, stayed away from the usual forts. Instead, he introduced us to an old man who made rope out of animal hair. Brij then shaved some of his chest hair right in front of the camera and persuaded the chappie to include that in his rope! If that wasn’t freaky enough, he took us to meet another old man who showed off (appropriately blurred) century old photos of naked women!

Since we were straddling the line between hilariously freaky and gross out, we gave the show a second chance and followed Brij to Arunachal Pradesh. It was a unique perspective to tiny villages of the north-eastern state, and we even got to see our military base in Tawang (which is not an easy place to visit). Unexpected, but not freaky. However, nothing that Brij did – including his Yak dance – inspired us to visit Arunachal Pradesh, something that is the aim of every travel show.

The Freaky Traveller is well-researched, shot beautifully and has a host who is perfectly at ease doing strange things for the camera. The show is definitely not for the traditionalists – those who want to see enchanting places (touristy or non-touristy) and prefer that the host stays in the background. There are no shopping haunts or dining spots covered here. Only the weird have a place on this show. We would suggest you tune in only if you are a freaky traveller yourself.

The Freaky Traveller airs Sundays at 10pm on FOX Traveller