TV Review: ‘Dekha Ek Khwaab’ doesn’t offer anything new

TV Review: ‘Dekha Ek Khwaab’ doesn’t offer anything new

Sony’s new show seems like an inspired version of the Princess Diaries, whatever its producers might say

Dekha Ek Khwaab starts with the protagonist Muniya (Priyal Gor) enjoying the Mumbai rains. She is a simple down to earth girl who wishes for her own princess story. Little does she know that she just might get that chance, thanks to Rajmata Mrinalini Devi and Maharaj Brijraj Singh. Aruna Irani and Shahbaaz Khan are tailor-made for their roles of royalty. Yet, the show started on a slow note without any punch making it a rather dull affair. So much so that even the entry of Abhishak Rawat’s Akash fell flat. The initial episode itself hints that Muniya’s life is not exactly as it’s made out to be and she has a connection to royalty. But what bored us was the fact that in spite of being an outspoken and loud character, Muniya is blissfully ignorant of the outside world. Her doting father advises her to not venture outdoors but doesn’t give any explanations. Muniya’s characterisation shows conflicting attributes and she comes across as fake. Her supposedly polar opposite is the Rajmata’s granddaughter, Jaynandini aka J – a snobbish and arrogant girl who has just stepped into adulthood. The actor goes overboard with her character and requires extensive training in dialogue delivery. On the whole, the serial doesn’t seem to offer anything unique or interesting. While the makers scream on top of their voices that the story is different, we seem to have a hard time believing it. If Sony head honchos really expected to retain the high TRPs they got thanks to Amitabh Bachchan’s Kaun Banega Crorepati 5 with this show, they are going to be sorely disappointed.

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  • shamz

    Hi!i love to see dekha ek khwab.its the best serial till today and udhaiveer{ Ashish Kapoor} is the beeeeest actor from bollywood! He sets the screen on fire. Please get aakash married to someone else and get udhayveer and maniata together! They look fabulous together and love the chemistry between them ! Forget sharukh,john whatever. This ashish is amazing!he makes all the girls feel loved and we all love him

  • shamz

    Hi!i love to see dekha ek khwab.its the best serial till today and udhaiveer{ Ashish Kapoor} is the beeeeest actor from bollywood! He sets the screen on fire. Please get aakash married to someone else and get udhayveer and maniata together! They look fabulous together and love the chemistry between them ! Forget sharukh,john whatever. This ashish is amazing!he makes all the girls feel loved and we all love him! He is indeed the best

    • himanshi

      yeah u r right. ashish kapoor is one of my best characteer

  • Iti

    so true, Uday is just amazing…….Manyata so cute and their couple is rocking!!!

  • zia

    Letty Mariam Abraham – seriously, I disagree with your review. This series is one of the best on Sony or any other channel right now. My entire family eagerly awaits this series every day.

    So what if it is inspired by princess diaries – dekha ek kwaab has more emotions, glitz and glamour, intense story line (one never knows what moniye / manyaata is going to do next), aruna irani is brilliant in her role and I soooo look forward to moniya’s transformation, her acceptance towards her new family, esp her sister J…this is an awesome series!!!

  • shabeena

    I disagree with you letty. the best part about this series was the beginning. I am glad that this story started off slow, now i am excited to see what happens next. This is so far a very different story line than the rest of the series with their saas baho crap. Maybe u should be commenting on those kind. I say akash needs to get out of the picture and maniata and uday should end up together.. sort of like starting of with disliking each other and eventually falling in love not knowing what hit them. God I would love this series even more.

    • lamz

      i agree, this drama does not have any of that saas baho crap so it is way different from a typical indian drama

    • Jazz

      Hey Shabeena I agree with you about uday and maniata falling in love with one another. That is what will make this show different cause it will break away from the norm of boy,girl meet,fall in love,then fight the whole world to be together.Love must conquer all kinda nonsense.Seriously this show needs something like that to really make it the number one show on tv.

  • muhammad ismai


  • Bala

    I think the review writer is jealous of this serial success .This is the worst review. . . The show is simply superb, i never liked serials but after watching this i started liking them

    • priya

      I totally agree with u its a fantastic serial even I wait for 8:45 so that I can watch this ….. I only watch this SHOW in whole day

  • fghj


  • Addy

    I liked this drama serial initially as Moniya seem to be a very literate girl even if she was living in a slum. But after she has gone into the palace her attitude has become a lot negative and her swearing and ill-manners have caused me to switch off in the middle of the episode. Therefore, I agree with the writer to a certain point that this drama is missing something nice and is just another usual drama. However, the drama Saas Bina Sasural is an awesome drama and I eagerly wait for the day to end so that I can watch the episodes over and over again. Dekha ek khwab seems to be too vulgar and it gives negative approach to young ones and at the moment advising youth to be disrespectful to their elders.

    • Kagdokalo

      I agree with you Addy. The show started off really well but now its turning into same pathetic tv darmas.. with negetivity all around.. dont know what the director is trying to prove here…. they didnt have to kill Aakash and that also by Uday… bad move…

      the only reason I feel like watching the show is Uday.. love him… I liked Manyata in beginning but I really hate her now.. and just cant tolerate her.. Uday she doesn’t deserve u… U better hook up with Jay.. she is atleast clear abt what she wants and doesn’t pretend to be good and all…

      manyata u please grow up….

  • aks

    bahut accha serial.but pls match manyata with uday!!!!!and please say manyata 2 wear beautiful dresses!!!!!i love dis serial.

  • zeeshan

    Dekha ek khwab tv drama kuch zyada hi over ho gaya hai haqeeqat se door kyu k apni family ko koi bhi is tarah ignore nahi kr skta khoon zaroor josh marta hai lekin yahan tou badtamizi ki hadd par ho gai hai jis ki wajah se drama ka sara maza khrab ho gaya hai..shuru mei zaroor adjust hone mei time lgta hai per lgta hai ye sir “safai wali” banna chati hai..uday ki acting achi manaita k dost aur lover ker rahe hain wo tou os k dushman hi kr skte hain kabhi bhi is ko life mei agey barrhne nahi de rahe..

  • fan1

    plssss pair manyata & uday …they luk awesome together…plss

  • aiza

    aap loogo ki problem kia hai kisi ko akash nai chahiye dramey mein aur aap osey ke itney ziada scenes dekha rahe hoo………….im telling u koi bhi aapka yeh show nai dekhey ga story change kar looooooooooooooo

  • dhgs

    this show is a great show but they need to find a way to pair up uday and manyata and get rid of akash and monyia story. They lost many viewers due to this relationship I wish they make changessss!!

  • Jazz

    To the person who came up with the character of UdayVeer,you rock.And finding Aashish Kapoor to play the role was simply brilliant.He has such chemistry with maniata and I really hope they end up with one another cause Akash is boring.This show is good so far please don’t spoil it by having Maniata and Akash be together.

  • zubair

    uday veer is very good person ,so please do end of mr.akash .he is so boring

  • Tanzila

    WOW!i just read the article on manyata’s so excited.finally going 2 see her in a new form and gettin close to uday.o my god!he’s so hotttt!luv watchin him(big fan of his)

  • tanzila


    We luv u!u just rock!Just da best!my favourite.
    (this was from all my friends sidika,gosiya,amina,humeira,mubina and me)
    Manyata and uday look so good together.plz pair them together.plz.

  • Tuba Chandio

    Love that drama,dekha ek khwab!

  • nilesh

    so nice seari

  • innocent rani

    nice drama ab manyata yuvrani ban gye

  • Shaheera

    I absolutely love this show !!! the start was a bit rocky but now its one of my most favorite show !! I love both the male and female protagonists , they have tons of chemistry !!

  • Tanzila

    UV is gonna take manyata 2 a beautiful place n propose 2 so excited wen is dat gonna happen?n hope manyata says yes.must say she is 2 obsessed wid wen she will realise how much UV luvs her den maybe she will get over aakash

  • Ritwika

    Why can’t manyata stop calling uday v “tu”. She is acting so irritating . Absolutely behenji.

  • Arifa

    Plssss pair with manyata and uday veer. We don’t like akash with manyata. We watch this show just for uday. Me and my all friends r watch this show just for uday. We love u uday.

  • Ivan

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  • rhema

    its the best serial ever. it should b an everlasting show.

    • sma

      Nonsence,All serial are Nonsence big Nonsence.

  • rhema

    its such a good serial with lots of twists and true lovers. the whole show is excellent but sorry have less words to express how wonderful show is dis. just awesome,fabulous.bets wishes from me. may u complete 10,000 episode and do come 1 popular serial in whole tv show. dek u rock.

  • utplakshi

    how can they do it i am against it this was my faviorate show yaaaaaarrr………

  • padma

    plz continue the story,don’t put the end…………………plz

  • amreena

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this darama

  • prince khokher

    oooooooooooo niceeeeeeeee my fvrt darama who is like ?????