TV review: ‘Na Bole Tum’… is a worthy match for ‘Bigg Boss 5′

TV review: ‘Na Bole Tum’… is a worthy match for ‘Bigg Boss 5′

The drama has an engaging plot that will keep you glued to your screens five times a week

Colors’ new show Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha came with a heavy burden – it was airing at the time slot vacated by Bigg Boss 5 and had to bring the viewers who had got hooked to the reality show back to the channel. A relatively new cast with a widow as its lead protagonist is not something that assures TRPs, but Colors took the risk and from what we’ve seen so far it just might pay off. Here’s our take on it.

The plot:  Mrs Megha Vyas is a young widow with two children who lives with her in-laws in Indore. She is quiet, respectful to her elders and a good mother even though she has almost no money. She is taunted by temple priests and by total strangers who believe that her dead husband Amar was a corrupt engineer who allowed a bridge to collapse causing 25 people to die two years ago. She meets Mohan Bhatnagar who she thinks is a thug, but is actually a crime reporter. Both of them are fighting to prove Aman’s innocence, but are unaware of the other’s involvement.

Why watch it: We’ve watched all the three episodes aired so far, but the very first one was enough to hook us on to this new show. Theatre actor Aakanksha Singh debuts on television as the deglam mother-of-two Mrs Vyas, and brings a poignancy to her character that is lacking in victimised heroines on other shows. The dialogues are apt and the experienced supporting cast lends an air of credibility to the proceedings. Nirav Soni as Megha’s nephew Tanmay definitely has potential and in a couple of years can pose serious competition to his elder brother Jay Soni of Sasuraal Genda Phool fame.

What’s putting off: Kunal Karan Kapoor as Mohan fails to impress. Maybe he’ll improve in the coming episodes, but till now, he has not struck a chord. We also didn’t quite understand how Megha, an otherwise doting mother, agreed to take her daughter’s pocket money to buy her son a birthday gift – a cricket bat, which incidentally, costs Rs 700 on the streets of Indore. It doesn’t cost that much on the streets of Mumbai!

Verdict: NBTNMKK has everything – interesting protagonists, an engaging storyline and a treatment that is different from other soaps. It admirably fills the slot left vacant by Bigg Boss 5 and is definitely something you will miss on weekends.

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha airs weekdays at 10.30pm on Colors

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  • ranjani

    I love what I’ve seen of Na Bole Tum so far. I’m also in love! No, not with Mohan Bhatnagar, but with little Nanhi! She’s clearly the star, her mom is a slightly stilted appendage. Wish Colours would put Uttaran with the stuttering Icha into the 10.30pm slot and promote Na Bole Tum with its great social message to the premium 10pm slot.

    • sachin parikh

      i certainly agree with u ranjani….this show is truely different from other and i hope that even i justify and fulfill the expectations as “sanjay vyaas” the eldest and the only surviving son of vyaas family….i also agree the lil angel nanhi is a small package which people will adore to watch…..

    • vasanth pai

      Yes, itis a good serial and the actors are all performing nicely. I like Megha,s role which Aakanksha Singh carries onher shoulders with great and delicate performance.

  • saifuddin mohammed


  • venky

    Deals with today’s hot subject corruption. Corruption, the cancerous disease steals the happiness of an ideal family and and innocents suffer. A good family drama with a great social message. Can shift airing of the serial, a bit earlier as school children unable to sit late night.

  • shobha

    Watching a beautifully developing love story with a social message after a long time and totally hooked to it. Mohan is great and so is Megha. Nanhi is too good and so are the other characters . It should be telecast at an earlier time slot and something should be done to reduce the number of advertisements coming in between in very short intervals. The serial is so good that it gets over too very soon.

  • lacey

    show is becoming very sad.. Mohan got married to ridhima with his on will whether to save somebody’s life or not.. but it was his own will to Marry ridhima.. however he even wanted to take care of her.. however ridhima did try to help him out get his luv as she wanted his happiness but as it is she too is human and no women cant see that her husband is giving all her happiness to somebody else.. and this Megha out of nowhere is supporting him to throw ridhima out of his life how sAD .. PATHETIC.. story line .. watever it is Ridhima is his lawfully wedded wife where as Megha is not legally married.. she just cant support Mohan in this decision ver very pathetic… how can megha just accept him.. allMohan did is cheated her.. if he truly luved her he wud have never ever got married to anybody else no matter what.. Anyways advice to the director scrap off ridhimas character rather then showing her negative and those typical 2 women fighting over one man kind of eposodes which we have seen n number of times..