TV review: ‘Punar Vivaah’ makes dull viewing

TV review: ‘Punar Vivaah’ makes dull viewing

We watched six episodes, hoping to be able to say something positive about the show, but…

Imagine this: A sad tall guy is in his room whose walls are lined with his dead wife’s framed photographs. He talks to one photo, moves across the room, talks to another photo, moves again and talks to a third photo. That’s how our male lead Yash Scindia (Gurmeet Choudhary) expresses his thoughts to us. What he doesn’t express is why he has to keep moving. Something wrong with the photographs? Such inane questions popped in our heads as we watched six whole episodes of Zee TV’s new show, Punar Vivaah. You can tell how‘engrossing’ the storyline was if our thoughts could stray so easily.

Oh yes, the storyline. Aarti (Kratika Sengar), a mother of a young boy, lives with her in-laws even though her husband has divorced her and moved out of the house. Her mother-in-law Shobha loves her like she was her own daughter and wants to see Aarti happily married again. Yash is the middle son of the wealthy Scindia family. Yash’s wife died three years before the story begins and left him with two toddler girls. Yash doesn’t want to marry anyone, but agrees that his girls need a mother. There are a few clichéd instances where Yash and Aarti almost accidentally meet. We know they were meant to tug at our heartstrings, but instead of going aww, we went yaawwn.

That’s not the only thing that put us off the show. Shobha repeatedly says that they will never hide the fact that Aarti is a divorcee with a child, as there’s nothing wrong with that. Agreed. But when Yash’s mother talks to them about the alliance and makes it very clear that they don’t mind a widow, but are against divorcees for their son, Shobha listens to her husband and doesn’t reveal the truth.  She lets Mrs Scindia get the impression that Aarti is a widow. It is unconvincingly out of character for a woman who till then has been portrayed as a strong, broad-minded person.

Then there’s Aarti, supposedly a beautiful, capable, kind woman, but she comes across as being a stupid and an arrogant one, who can’t even say ‘thank you’ to a guy for helping her. Yash is said to be more internal and reserved, still bearing the pain of his wife’s death, but we are yet to catch even one expression of Gurmeet’s to support this claim. The show asks the question: can a marriage survive when it is founded on a lie. We ask the producers the question: can you build a fan base on the foundation of such unsympathetic characters?

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  • Neeraja

    I do not agree with this review at all… I found Punar Vivaah to be a refreshing, engaging and realistic show with brilliant actors, well written characters and a different storyline… The show in my opinion has made a brilliant start… unlike the usual uni dimensional characters on television, the characters in this show are realistic and have a lot of shades… reading this review it seems to me that the author of this piece was watching the show just to find faults… i wonder at the kind of shows the author watches for her to find this show ‘dull’… if not going the melodramatic route is being ‘dull’ then i’ll rather not know what the author will find ‘interesting’…

  • Ria

    sorry but disagree with this review totally!
    The show is quite interesting.
    and Arti comes across as stupid, really?
    and the author is yet to catch one expression of Yash to support the claim that he is in pain?
    I haven’t laughed so hard in a lifetime!thanks for the entertainment by the way!

  • veena

    Great Great sadisitic review form this authour…..Show is just brilliant and this will be proved with the u saw nothing in YASH and ARTI that was the biggest joke in ur review..

    i am laughing reading this review

  • neha

    Do not agree with the review at all. I found the show quite interesting and refreshing. Aarti is stupid and arrogant? Oh well she didnt strike me as stupid. She is a girl who held her own,despite having no parents,and then being ditched by her husband. She seemed to me like a single strong women,who is bravely facing all odds and bringing up her son. But then who am I? Just a normal viewer. Maybe the definition of intelligence is nw silently shedding tears in kitchen like Gopi Bahu. And Gurmeet’s expression dont suggest that he is bearing the pain of his wife? I havent seen him so fay jumping wit joy…But then again,i am just a normal viewer.

  • PM

    Ridiculous review!

  • manali

    I dont agree with ur review, thibs show is really intresting & something diff. with mixture of romance, emotional, familit drama, childs, few funny scenes etc etc…& yes Gurmeet choudhary is the KING OF EXPRESSIONS, his Eyes & facial expressions ae sufficient to Hit any scene of any show, & arti is also a quiet intresting charcter, she is not like always crying for her Stupid Husband, she is bold &lovely natured, she lives happily for the sake of her family & child!!
    & u said her stupid?? lol
    at last i’ll say…PV rockss!!!

    • piya

      agree with u

  • varsha

    This review makes dull reading. I read the whole review,hoping to be able to see something genuine or insightful, but…

    The whole review seems biased,with the single intention of putting down the show anyhow.

  • piya

    lolzzzz i can’t stop my laughter after read this puking review lol …..

    i love this show soo much gc rokxxx i love pv story sooo much. never saw a show like pv love love loved it .

  • mini

    hahaha…are u mad or something else??
    This show is Doing well & u are talking just opposite, am loving PV’s all characters & yess their is something unbelivebable which is common for all TV shows, & it increases intrest of viewers towards the show, I am loving PV, & About Gurmeet Choudhary..HE is just swesome, He is a brillient actor, he is a phenomenal performer ever, He pulled me to watch this show with his sweet angels(daughters), & Kartika is really Good with his son, i liked their sweet funny scences a lot!!!
    Everything is fine about this show…now waiting for Yash-Arti meetings!!!

  • Piyasa

    Haww!!! How can sumbody give so much bad review of this wonderful show!!!
    i think sumthng is really wrong wit this person..i mean may be she/he dint like the show or its lead couple at first place!! thats why this kind of pathetic review!!!

    for a new show, that too only 6 epi on air, PV has done wonderful n we already r liking it.

    PV is a grt show with its unique plot n it has all the potentila to be even grtr in future..

    And it has got two amazing actors as its lead to say the least..

    so Cheers to PV..

  • Sheena

    Are you kidding me! Have you even watched the show? If you did you would not write a review like this. The show has been really good so far and all the actors are doing an amazing job even the kids. Your review seems very biased as if you have a grudge on the show or it’s actors.

  • mitul

    first, can i say that it is the worst & most biased review i have ever read!!!!!!!!seriously!!!..
    you said that you went yawwwnn….plz speak only yourself…we are loving this show….the script, storyline, characters, costumes…everything is very realistic.aarti is not a stupid & arrogant girl.she is an orphan,moreover, she experienced a heart-wrenching betrayal…so,her attitude towards men makes senese to us…but she is definitely not stupid….just watch her phone convo with yash…she was using logic,did not go on with nonstop blabbering which we find in many other shows….& ”few cliched instances”???…… you want a list of shows where i have seen more cliched scenes???……..& you pointed out about the lie issue, we know that too…but let the cvs unfold the story…we yet don’t know what will happen……..
    & a little advice, a review is about to criticize the whole show….just pointing out faults cannot be considered as constructive criticism…..the actors are good, the set is good…you could have brought these things too..

    • nishangore

      @mitul es article may kisi ne 6ep review diya to galat, or scrutiny ne sab sahi likha hai kya, two diff trp sahi hai…wah ji wah….

  • ayesha

    The review is so dull it made me yawn… And the review didnt give a single point to ponder about,forget being insightful. Writer hasnt even taken the effort to make the review atleast look credible. It seems that reviewer is either heavily biased against show/actors, so didnt let the quality of episodes come in the way of bashing or the review is just a desperate attempt to gain attention, by illogical criticism of a very popular show(in which it has succeeded,considering that this review has become most popular,or rather unpopular,on the site). So to sum up, this is a very stupid review.

  • misty

    I don’t agree with you!!
    I loveeee this show b/c it is showing reality and it is far than those saas bahu sagas on Indian television right now!

  • Nitika

    Have you grown up watching Gossip Girl? Its a sadist’s view and you need to switch to cartoon network because only that channel will fit the size of your brain. PV is BRILLIANT -THAT’S ALL.

  • Himani

    What a foolish article is this. Trying to forcely insult the show. I am loving the show. The characterisations r simply good and actors r doing a fabulous job and whats wrong in talking to one’s dead wife’s picture. That scene was amazing with great work from Gurmeet Choudhary. Arti is nt at all arrogant. I m shocked. who has written this article. Ur observation is quite poor.

    • Priya

      Punar Vivaah is not a full on entertainment or saas bahu serial….it has a crux on real life situations and the need for society to accept Punar Vivaah as a tradition….. so the reviwer you better go to sleep and dont see Punar Vivaah…. we are very happy and excited watching and the story is going very good and all are doing their job perfectly except for people like you and Gurmeet is totally rocking………i hope so you very much bothered only about the fantasy serials….so put your thoughts down only on those things and not on Punar Vivaah…please….

  • Shareeza

    This is a great show! its something very fresh n unique! It is more real life story based! every show mke i keep want see more n more n just eager to c how a new will be! hmm! nt gud to critize such a wonderful show!

  • krati

    well instead of d gr88 show ur review is d one which makes me yawn.. show is a promising one…….. go nd watch d show b4 writing such a ridiculous review…………. nt dn’t dare say nythng abt d asctors or charecters…….. these r tyotally real life one nt d hypothetical ones. go nd see d real world….. stupid article

  • Bithi

    Will you please act like a sensible person, ms. article writer?! Punar Vivaah is a very good show along with good story n casts. Viewers have started loving it too. How could you raise your finger towards Gurmeet?! :O … He’s the best actor of his ages in the industry right now. We won’t tolerate any of our nonsenses against him or his shows. So please.. stop being biased and keep your nonsense to you.

  • Ajnabee

    Agree with the review in someways.

    Good doubt about it..but dont like Yash family settings too gloomy n dont have the wow factor in the family…can’t feel Yash pain while watching the show too predictable..n Yash family is not striking at alllll i think in this story line they shouldn’t have put the line that they the boy family will agree for the marriage if Arti doesn’t bring her stupid, n stale story line n yecckkkkk how stupid is Yash family in this day n age that was so wrong of the story line i felt…

    On the other hand Arti seems more natural n realistic and the same for her inlaws they suit the characters to the the T for now…

    I should say few changes have to made in the story line so that it won’t become boringggg..for now me too was very disappointed till up to now the story did not require all this drama’s to begin with it doesn’t touch the heart yett more or less like yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • sneha

    Do not agree with the review at all.

    The show is an interesting watch with different and realistic concept,and is being handled very sensibly and maturely. Rather than being dull, found it quite fast paced. Sure this show is not for those who find only OTT melodrama interesting. But if you are looking for something mature and refreshing this is the show. And all actors are very capable and doing their jobs brilliantly,especially Gurmeet and Kritika.

  • paree

    kya real life mein aise ho sakta hai ? good story.i like very very much.

  • nishangore

    I agree with writer…very very bakwas…and casting is wow…kya cast kiya hai…badi Didi or chote bhai jisi jodi karegi romance woow…very very nice…of money and power will buy the trp…do din nahi huwe 7rank…wow…concept to chisa pita hai hi…saas bahu and rona dona…and promo dekh kye hi….


    so u are Asha here and Himangshu in scrutiny? Kuch dimaag istamaal karo yaar we read the Himangshu version…waise mere sawal ka jawab nehi dia kisne paise die ;)

  • Sia

    Good review…Absolutely agreed with Kratika’s part, She does look like the hero of the show.. No offence :P

  • sarita

    i agree completely ..

    • Rimjhim

      Wonderful and honest review. Dono brother sister lag rahe hain……….LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nur Handa

    muhahahhahahaaa kya dhasuu article hai yaarrrr.. 10000% agreeeee :D

  • Alisha

    I agree with the writer. The promos looked promising but the show is a total let down. Gurmeet being an awesome actor has to be at par with his talent, which he has shown before. The truth is he’s still in the MSK mode. The whole Scinidia family really makes me go to sleep! Tho Kratika’s part looks more convincing!
    Very Good Review!

  • Nur

    oh i forgot to thank Asha Mahadevan … thankss for this brilliant article… jhappi de pappii lelo .. LOL

    • Alisha

      Agree! Atleast someone is not biased unlike the rest of the forums!

  • Urmila

    Haven’t watched d show nor interested , gc wid ks do not appeal 2 me. Supposedly a new concept but it nothing new 4 tv. Cn many remrg wid kids involved on telly.
    story is 2 predictable due 2 various articles

  • sarita

    asha ..thanks for giving an honest opinion without any bias or fan craze …superb review and i agree specially with kratika’s part …the jodi is never an appealing one and even the story line seems much new or intresting ..:)

    • sarita

      * story line seems not much new *..opps sorry 4 the mistake .:)

    • Nur

      well said !!

  • kirti

    I donot agree with your review,loving the show,a mature love story,not a masala one,but realistic.Think its not for you,look as if you are a teenager looking for bubblegum romance.And Gurmeet as always is rocking.

    • nishangore

      @kirti ya you are absolutly right…bohot badiya hai concept to bubllegum hai, sadiyose ye picture or serial may aata raha hai, or rahi jodi ki baat to ya really very nice aaj tak kabhi duniy ne nahi deka “BADI DIDI OR CHODE BHAI jise jodi romance karegi, vaise bhi kaiyug may pyar, or romance kye mayne hi badal gaye hai…good..

  • tina


  • Jayshree

    Hi first of all i would like to share my opinion. God created everyone diffferently. What many likes some people may not. For example, many people were madly in love with guru previous show. But why wasnt it appealing to some people? That’s because everyone had different sets of opinion or look at things in different point of view. Based on the what the writer saw had felt the show was not good enough to attract. So he basically wrote his opinion. I don see why people have to take turns to bash the writer. This is the first in my entire life i hav seen fans being so rude to a critic. Fans hav to knw that the world doesnt revolve around them. In my opinion i agree with all on KS. SORRY but cant feel for her)

  • Tota

    good to see someone giving honest views about the show keeping dere likeness for cast n leads at side
    agree to u 100%

  • zzzzz

    Best review…very well said Asha Mahadevan…i watched few scenes of this show… and i was yawninggggggg… neend aa jati hai…

    Thanks for the article.. :)

  • Rimjhim

    Shaant ho ja balike………….GC is doing dumb job!! This is a free country…………we have a full rite to criticize anyone. He is acting like MSK but this time DD is not around to inspire him to act as good as her. Thumbs down to PV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rimjhim

    I am enjoying fuming faces of GC fans. I want to say them ” sometime truth is bitter”. This show is going to pack up in few months………..I have full sympathy for GC droolers :( but you know this is life……………..

  • Bebo

    MS Asha !!!

    You totally wrong with this review ..The concept is a very good . The way they are put it across is good .They have done there research very well ..Also it takes time for poeple who are not mature to understand a show like this. Also i can see from you Review you are a person who can not understand a good actor value ..Gurmeet Choudhary is the best Actor on Tv because of his ability to express all his emoticons on his face and his brilliant knowledge of his craft .. Kritika is doing excellent job to … ..Also being in the situation that Aarti in i feel her pain too ..Yash pain is the .Only people who have the mature nature to understand there pain of Yash & Aarti will like this show not young and unmature people ..

    This show is not for all you young who want love and party etc … but a Mature story about the world today …..

  • rina

    boring serial according to my aunty,nothing new same saas bahu serial……

  • bhakti

    I am so surprised reading this review as myreaction to show has been complete opposite from reviewers. The story line is taking a very sensitive social topic and allowing us to see how does it really feel from the point of view of everyone involved to have this tragic moment in life…and how does one come out of it. The track is moving quickly and the actors, especially Gurmeet and Kratika, are so absolutely excellent that one cannot find even small fault in their essaying of the roles. Gurmeet has shown time and again his versatility by taking one role after the other that puts him in completely untried territory as an actor, and he always comes through. This is not your typical rona-dhona saas-bahu serial. If that would be your choice you will find many of them. But you must see more subtly before speaking negatively – reviewing a show after one week is foolishness anyway. You are welcome to your opinion, but I think you will not find many who share it.

  • logna

    honest review Asha Mahadevan. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz show pakaw storyline bakwas acting nothing new as usual saas bahu crap…

  • Srividya

    It’s not a new story happened in kasauti zindagi ki long back. But It’s too early I believe we have got this review. but Yes heroine looks elder to the male lead & her voice modulation is not so perfect.Story I already heard that inspired from south movie & 10.30 is too late Though he is our fav actor.

  • Unni kakkara

    I tried 2 watch pv but sorry it didnt appease me.gc nd ks bad pairing. Ks need a mature actor as costar. Gc with same expression . Want gc to act in younger roles. But dd and gc rocked as young lovers.

  • Jaya murthy

    It’s not a new story & inspired from a telugu movie mavidiakulu. But GC don’t suit for this character. His fans have nothing to do with this.My parents are nutral Showee folks who say Gc don’t suit as father of two & KS looks much elder than GC.They may create a chemistry in feature but somehow looks patched up. Iam not GC fan. No doubt he may be No.1 in telly & good in acting but someone like rohit roy look best in this role. Actually that movie in south is Hit due to manly character potrayed by jagapathi babu.


    yaawwn……after reading this article ….
    my mom ask me “ yee maan (gc) ki 2 beti hein!! tuney batayaa nehi ?? me: no mom they r not his real daughter .. he is just acting. my mom again : r u sure …. the way he adoring them looks sooo realistic …


  • kim

    People who r bashing the writer over here shud act sensibly , if u like an actor alot don’t get blind in love , learn to call the things what they actually are if so many people r raising voice for sumthing ” missing” then definately their is a lack!!!!!

  • Drashti

    I definitely have to disagree here… though I understand it’s your opinion but for me this show is only getting better and better as days go by. I guess a certain level of maturity and experience is needed to appreciate a story like this. Punar Vivaah is still considered taboo in some society and the makers are actually portraying this subject brilliantly, so far this show really connects because it is shown in a very realistic way. The whole cast f the show are playing their part giftedly and that includes Gurmeet and Kratika who are undoubtedly two very talented actors. As far as what I have heard from ppl and read from forums and other sites, this show is definitely being appreciated and enjoyed by the viewers. To actually right off a show when not even two weeks old is very unprofessional. As for a certain fan group who seem to be celebrating after reading this review, all I would say is attitude without substance is just plain bitterness. Strange how, ppl who claim to not watch the show are supporting the reviewer for their selfish reasons and naively thinking that it’s not transparent.

  • Gagan

    soo true…love yash and arti but charter mmmm no that much..this show is quit boring at this time..

  • Neha Kapoor

    i didnn’t watch the show but i m sure GC is acting well.. he always rocks..Kritika.. m also sure she is also acting well.. but after seeing little scenes.. yeh dono ki jodi kuch jam nahi rahi hai.. as she looks thodi older than GC. .well its my view.. no offence

  • sneha

    oh some fans are sopporting the rubbish review ,just coz their favourite actress is not here,and they think GC is nothing without their angel…well how’s this for a reality check…

    Zee TV overtakes Colors to the no. 3 spot (after Star Plus and Sony). Punar Vivaah opens at 2.6 TVR, Zee’s best fiction launch in a while.

    • Ruhi

      Ms Sneha

      Your comment is ridiculous . So according to you , even the writer of this review must be biased because his Angel isn’t in it ? How dumb ! And why is the review rubbish ? Because your favorite is in it ? How’s that for bias ? Look at how biased you are before accusing others of the same . Learn to take opinions else shut up !

    • Minnu Raj

      I totally agree with u sneha ,.. as most of the serials attain this level of trp almost after a month after the show has started but , punarvivah has attained it within 1 week after its launch.. Hats off to the director and al the fabulous actors ….

      • purnima

        Oh what a wounderful show the feelings are expressed to truely with strong charactors playing the role both are correct at their own stand we are just waiting for the next great going

  • jannat

    seriously, punar vivah is very boring show.

  • Nabila Naurin

    It’s so boring… Completely agree with u… Nothing new in dis show… I dnt like dis jodi… Kritka GC se bade lag rahe hai….

    • Piyu

      I too agree.Maybe KS is a good choice for the role, but not with GC.Probably a little older looking actor would fit the role better.

  • ayodita

    ok, but whats dis review. is it is an article

  • Mehek Sharma


    • Daphi

      I agreed. the serial is toooo boring. I think they should replace Kratika Sengar with someone good. She makes the show so dull.

  • rashmi

    did not watch the show… but i hope its going to do well and i hope same for DD’s new show…. gurti will always rock….. GC is putting lot of hardwork and surely this will pay off…. lastly as i did not actually saw the show , so can’t comment on the story…. but i was shocked to read that u said GC did not emote well….. dear author this is a shear JOKE …… in the whole industry such a talented actor as GC in not present in present times……

  • charu

    hi i watched the show.its just started now only we can’t judge at this time.but there are lots of questions. they r showing the affection that arti is having for her son but on yash’s part that was missing. there was no such a scene that hw much he realy love his kids.they r telling that he told yes for punarvivah for his kids sake train sgment he didn’t take care of his kids. he was just reading paper all the flashback scenes for yash.but aarti had it.why they r rushing for marriage?gc’s entry is also not that much satisfied.that photo scene is not good.but gc’s performance was rocking asusual.story is good. but screenplay is not that much satisfying.kyun asia lagtha hai ki unlogonki beech me friendship nahi hai.that boy i mean yash ka little bro that boy’s performance acha tha.

  • gowri an

    Except Gurmeet there is nothing very interesting in the show moreover the concept of remarriage is shown a lot in movies so come on show really something novel like how the boy will bond with his new father and the girls with their mother,please for heaven’s sake don’t bring in an adult with conservative opinions then the serial will become routine, see to it that interaction between the parents and the kids is concentrated upon,then there are chances that the serial will come out in flying colours otherwise even gurmeet with extraordinary acting and charm cannot save your show.

  • riya

    Wow dis report caught d show’s weakness bang on! i too watched d episodes but cdn’t relate the lead chrs. d girl does not come out as strong female rather weak willed girl. And d lead actor also looks phased out!

  • Mansi

    Tumne toh mere dil ki baat saaf saaf shabdoan maine keh di!!

  • priyanka

    sneha…i want to clear ur doubt dat we r nt supporting dis review cauz f any fav actress f our….its just a truth…n beside GC is mine angel i luv him to d core 4rm him im just watchng it but dere is not dat craziness or dat charm which viewer seek during watchng a shw…acha chalo 4r xample d shw “na maane kuch kahan…”on colours was also in same platform more or less bth r same but dere dey shw hw children crave 4r father luves n wany dere mom happy..i doesnt see dat shw regularly but lil bit dekhne se i can say dey r doing better job…n 4r ur trp one i would say in startng viewers luv to see a new shw 4r gettng sm new n interestng storyline plus GC has great fan following sooo d shw gets dat trp…but beleive meee dere is no dat salt which viewer seek in a shw…may be director or screenplay artist r not abling to put d shw in correct direction…n plzz dnt get me rong as im a biggg fan f GC n i really admire him alottt…n dnt get offended by mine xplanation i just keep my point f u…

  • Nela

    Agreed.i also dnt understand,y the hero is asking his dead wife that who ll b his children’s mom!!! keya wo apni biwi se uske behen/dost k bare me suggetion mang rahe the!!!n his extra needed attitude!!!!jst disgusting.bhavin like millioniar.though he is just a simple event manager!is he trying 2 maintain his old role?taki female/girl fans kaam na ho!!!!!! simply rediculous!!!!!!!!

  • Tasnim

    Totally immotion,no feelings,….jst n ph r trying 2 prove dat de r d 1st who unfold dis mahan punarvivah issue!!!huh!!!are.jao.ekta kapoor k shows dekho…u ll found 1000 punarvivah…
    n dat divorced can she so chulbuli types???after such incident???is she trying 2 copying sm1????? n d kids ka baap,mamuly event manager n attitude!!!!!! apne apko tom cruise ka chacha samajhta hai keya!!!!!n abt d shw must hav it.but ppl hav eyes n mind 2 choose d better 1.

    • kavita

      Haa..haaaaa really true

    • isha

      bakwas serial ko jaldi band karna chahiye……
      maaneet ka jodi ek type ka jodi lagta tha but in punar vivah heroine hero se buddi lagti hai. aur story to dekho “apne bachoon ke liye saadi krte hai then baad mai pyaar hota hai”. genuine story. heroine ko dekho moti kahinki. buzz off.. story telling. not that up to the mark as we always expect from a GC serial.

  • dutt

    quite disapointed with this serial quite boring gurmeet looks awful so unsmart after doing so succesful serial this one is so disapointing actress also very diff to like she look older than hero such a poor make up as well for both lead actors only arati mother in law quite pretty it will be no go for west sorry UK

  • Saahiba

    Rofl ! Hilarious review !

  • Anna


  • Lovy

    bahahhahahahhahaahha as expected!! :P :P Gurrrrrrrrr Gurrrrrrrrr :P :P Gurrrrr Kurrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuu Kukkkuuuuuuuuuuuuu ROFL :D

    • Anonymous


  • nsb

    i hv seen only one last episode of this show which was pretty good..from the above storyline, i wud like to comment that one shud not hide the fact from yash’s fly that aarti is a divorcee n not a widow..their punar vivaah shud be done with trust n understanding..trp’s shud improve soon..

  • Laila

    This show has a poor concept and makes no sense at all. Why is the daughter-in-law living with her in-laws after a divorce? That’s a wierd set-up. Marriages based on no chemistry and love grows afterwards is the style today’s shows. The writers of this show think that people will tune to this actor who created a big stir with Geet without realizing a good storyline and dialogue make a show entertaining to watch. It will take a long time for Indian audiences to realize this and until they do, Indian writers will continue to churn out junk.

  • anonymous

    punarvivah realy getting more boring in UK we always subs ceibe for Zee tv zee always bring good program but we are so disapointed to see Punar vivay story very slow cast is difficult to watch specialy heroin not suitable for romatic role even with vail she look so manly so big for hero we have seen gurmeet last 2 serial were very good this one is so bad diff to watch he will ioose popularity by day he look so awful his acting going down one person cant hold serial if co star is patheic director and prodicer should try to change heroin want to save their serial in west sorry to be so negetiv we dont watch your serial always some time thanks

  • anonymous

    please take off above address thanks


    I like the show. yea its a little slow but its still the beginning. They are talking about a controversial topic for many people in India so obviously it’s going to be hard to portray these things in a show. I think that this show will have its moment soon enough and yash and aarti will see that it is OK to move on and be happy in life.

  • mitali parmar


  • priya

    Hai guys! Am from tamilnad. so many guys are watching this serial. It was really nice. And anyone can tell me when this serial will be telecast in tamil. we are so eager to watch it.

  • Nilima jain

    realy getting more boring day by day , no chemestry btwn aarti and yash, aarti is very stiff not at all suited for this roll/
    very slow, no diolog
    it is very sad to say that Gurmeet accepting this roll not a good decision , it is bad image for him

  • mili

    this serial Punat Vivaah sud stop immediately .
    boring serial no concept no story lineup,,,,
    Aarti not at all a actor .she dose not know the acting, if Z net work want to good for serial then please replace the heroine —–

  • mithoo

    seriously, punar vivah is very boring sud be stop immediately , Kratika no knowledge about acting
    bekar ka jodi. it is good for Z network replace the Kratika immediately

  • muskan

    jaldi band karna chahiye



    Regarding Punar Vivah, the scene relayed yesterday where Yash over reacts about his wife in the birthday party was’nt right, when there were children in the party scene, it’s a very bad impression, it could have been shown only when his family was present, it would have made sense.

  • Amor

    PV is a really nice and different serial from the rest!!! It is mature and deals with reality!!! The kids are great little actors especially Ansh and Yash is an absolute delight to look at!!! Hot!!
    It will be even better in the coming days and at times it s quite funny!!!

  • caroline

    Punar vivaah has a really strong line but the actors r not portraying their character well .
    I think yash should mourning for his 1st wife , as its making the serial very very boring .

  • swetha

    how dare u talk about kratika.the serial might be boring.but she does act proper.if u dont like dont watch ok.

  • devi

    i just love to watch pv . I just wait for the clock to strike 10’30. Arti is doing a good job and yash is no less. It depicts a real life situation and one cannot jump into new relationship that easily. And its a husband and wife relation which is a very delicate and it does take long time to accept.

  • halima maina

    I love you yash and arti,pls visit nigeria lol!!

  • latecomer

    The drama started out great. I was like OMG the kids in the aren’t just there as props. They are actually a part of the storytelling. They made me laugh and cry at times. But by the beginning of July, I got completely bored. The started to become more episodic and every few episodes or so, a dilemma arose that needed to be resolved. It felt more like a sitcom than a soap which has a lot more continuity. The story started to feel contrived, and realism started to seep out of the show as. I was totally turned off by how the family began to force her to realize her love for Yash. At that point, I could hardly stomach the complete inequality in the relationship. Yes, I know this is a soap opera. I skipped to the last episode, and saw that there was a baby kidnapping, and I was like meh.