TV Review: Shweta Tiwari’s ‘Parvarrish’ is entertaining

Sony can finally take a break from re-runs of CID as it gets a new daily soap, Parvarrish-Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi

The new family show on Sony is not only star-studded but promises to be entertaining and sometimes enlightening too. The story revolves around the basic concept of two married sisters caring for their husbands and raising their children. While one family believes in giving their children freedom and space, the other resorts to a stricter route. After winning Bigg Boss 4, this is Shweta Tiwari’s first television soap where she plays Vivek Mushran’s wife (Sweety Ahluwalia) and mother of two kids. Known to be a good actor, Shweta shows promise in the role of a strict parent. Rupali Ganguly plays a loving mother (Pinky Ahuja) who spends most of her time in tears, while Vishal Singh is her chilled out husband. The daily soap also has Sparsh Khanchandani aka Baby Ichcha of Uttaran fame as a street smart kid who plays Rupali’s daughter. The first episode itself showed real promise and if it continues in this vein, Sony will have a definite hit on their hands. It’s an ideal watch for both parents and kids as it seems to tackle very real issues. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too melodramatic and predictable. Fingers crossed!

Parvarrish airs weekdays at 9.30pm on Sony