Udaan 28th November 2016 full episode, written update: Ragini faints, Chakor and Suraj flee from the spot

Ragini aims her gun at Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) and says she will kill him and then Kamal Narayan (Sai Ballal) will have to make her his heir. Chakor (Meera Deosthale) says she will not let anything happen to Suraj until she is alive. Ragini asks her not to interfere and challenges her to stop her. Chakor pulls out a gun from Suraj’s pocket and fires it at Ragini. Ragini escapes the bullet by a few inches and falls down. Suraj gets shocked. Chakor holds Suraj’s hand and asks him to run. Ragini holds him and stops him from escaping. He hits on her head with his gun and runs away. Ragini faints.

Suraj tells Chakor that he didn’t expect that she will fire the gun. Chakor says she has learnt it from him only. At the haveli, Ranjana informs Kamal Narayan that Suraj and Chakor have come to know of his secret office and have taken away the inspector. Ragini is hurt. He gets worried and asks where have they taken jailer Yadav. Ranjana says she doesn’t known.

Imli (Vidhi Pandya) tells Vivaan (Paras Arora) that she is really tensed for Chakor and that she is going out to look for them. She brings out her gun from the cupboard and loads it. Vivaan says she will not go anywhere and throws her gun. Vivaan says he doesn’t want Kamal Narayan to affect their life. He says he wants a simple life. He makes her sit and tells her that he wants her to change. He says he wants to see their child in her hands and not a gun. She says she will try. He says they should begin a new life. He says he doesn’t want her to hide anything from him. She says she hasn’t hidden anything from him. He says she has. She gets surprised. He says she didn’t tell him that she went to Ronak to talk about his job. She apologises and promises not to hide anything in future.

Inspector Yadav asks where have they brought him. Chakor says this is Kamal Narayan’s old factory. This will be the best place to hide him as no one comes here anymore. She gives him a packet of biscuits to eat. Yadav cries and says why did he kill my family. Suraj says this is Chakor’s fault, if she would have allowed him to kill him that day, all these innocent people wouldn’t have to die. Chakor recalls that day when she came in between of Suraj’s gun and Kamal Narayan. She tells him that this is not the right time to argue.

Inspector says he wants to avenge his family’s death. Chakor says they also want the same but they don’t have any proof against them. Yadav says he has a proof. Chakor asks what does he have. He says he has a recording that will proof that Ragini and Kamal Narayan destroyed the proof. Chakor asks where is it. He tells them that he has kept it securely at his house and asks him to go and get it.

He gives their address to them. Suraj says he will go. Inspector says it will be better if Chakor goes and he stays here with him. Suraj argues. Chakor convinces him to let her go. Inspector gives her the keys. She says she will go tomorrow morning. Suraj asks why not now. She says she is going to haveli to know Kamal Narayan’s next step. He argues. She leaves.

Chakor enters the haveli. She falls, Kamal Narayan holds her. He says he wants to ask something. Lights turn on. His men aim their guns on her. Kamal asks about Suraj. She says doesn’t he want to know about Inspector Yadav. He asks where are both of them. Chakor says she knows but she will not tell him. He holds her neck tries to strangle her. Vivaan, Ranjana and Imli try to stop him but he doesn’t stop. She hits him and he leaves her. He raises his hand but she holds his hand and starts smiling. He asks why is she smiling. She tells him he will never get Suraj or Inspector. He asks his men to look for them.

In the morning he tells Ranjana that he wants to kill Suraj himself. His men bring in a life size poster of Suraj. He looks at it and says he will make him his slave.