Udaan director: “The category for ‘Wholesome Entertainer of the Year’ should be scrapped”

Vikramaditya Motwane’s Udaan was a strong contender for a National Award, but lost out in the race for India’s highest honour for cinema

We hear that a jury member was rather puzzled about what the point of the film was and complained that the son (played by Rajat Barmecha) didn’t feel any kind of guilt for his actions. When Motwane was asked to react to this, he said, “There’s no bitterness on Udaan missing out on a National Award, especially since the film has already achieved much more than I or any member of my team expected. Obviously I would have been delighted to win one, but you can’t please everyone. Every jury member is entitled to their opinion. All I can do is take everyone’s feedback – honest or not; true or not – and hope to make a better film next time. Frankly, I think the category for Wholesome Entertainment of the Year should be scrapped. It makes no sense.” And then hastily added, “The last statement shouldn’t be misconstrued. What I mean is that the category of ‘wholesome entertainment’ makes no sense. Not the fact that Dabangg won it!” The young director is certainly not in the mood for controversy, especially if it involves a certain Mr Kashyap, wethinks.