Udaan full episode 18th October 2016, written update: Suraj and Imli join hands with Kamal Narayan

Kamal Narayan declares Ragini his official heir and does all the rituals. He asks all the villagers to clap for her and listen to all her instructions. Vivaan (Paras Arora) calls Imli (Vidhi Pandya) and asks her about her changed avatar. She says she is just trying to fulfill his dream and that she will tell him later. Kamal declares Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) Ragini’s assistant. Ragini asks how can he make him her assistant as he was the one who tried to kill him.

Kamal scolds her for interrupting in between. He says Suraj is his son and he has forgiven him. He makes him sit beside Ragini makes him wear a chain.Suraj stops him and says he knows he is doing all this because he considers him his biggest enenmy. Kamal’s workers raise their guns on him. Imli too pulls out her gun. He makes Suraj explain that he is trying to do all this as he wants someone to take over his empire after he dies. Suraj asks him to give these false hopes to someone else and throws the chain away and leaves. Vivaan thinks about Kamal’s plans.

He says that he knows Suraj will come back and he is ready to wait fro him. He announces Ranjana badi malkin. Vivaan says he says he hates his mother for being two-faced. He goes to her room and starts checking her cup board. She comes and asks what is he doing. Vivaan asks her if she knew he was alive. She says yes and that is why she chose to support him. She tells him that Kamal didn’t kill him because he is her son. He says he is leaving this house and he will accept that her mother has died.

Suraj, Tejaswani and Imli discuss about the incident. Tejaswani asks him to be with Kamal atleast till the time he is is trating him well. Imli suggests pretending to be in Kamal’s team so that they keep getting updates of his evil plans. He agrees. She says meanwhile she will ask Chakor (Meera Deosthale) and Vivaan to go the police station and find out how did he get released.

Chagan asks Chakor to destroy Kamal as she did earlier. Chagan asks her not to lose hope and assures her that this time they all are with her. Villagers come and tell her that he has announced Ragini his heir. They ask Chakor to help them. Mai and Bapu come and motivate her. Chakor agrees and says she can’t accept defeat. She says she will fight.

Ragini and Kamal get welcomed by the villagers at the factory. Imli and Suraj come there. Chakor decides to meet Imli and fix a meeting. Kamal asks Suraj if he has made his final decision. He bends down and touches Kamal’s feet. Suraj says he regrets all his mistakes and he is ready to become Ragini’s assistant. Chakor sees this and gets shocked. Kamal Narayan makes him wear a chain and hugs him. Suraj asks Imli to touch his feet. He announces that Imli too is on his side. Chakor gets angry at Suraj. Ragini gets angry. Imli asks Chakor to behave properly with Suraj and leave. Chakor asks Imli why is she supporting them. He asks her to come with her. Kamal Narayan gets angry. Suraj stops him. Imli and Suraj ask Chakor to leave. He tries to tell her but she doesn’t listen.

Ragini asks him to come inside and see the factory. Kamal says he doesn’t want to see it and asks Suraj to fix a meeting with Kamal Narayan. He leaves. Imli says Chakor will never come. Chakor feels helpless.Also Read: Udaan full episode 17th October 2016, written update