Udaan full episode 23rd September 2016 written update: Suraj makes Vivaan CONFESS his love for Imli!

Vivaan (Paras Arora) thinks whether he should tell Chakor (Meera Deosthale) that he loves Imli(Vidhi Pandya). Then he decides not to tell her as it might hurt Chakor. Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) comes in front of Vivaan’s car. Vivaan stops his car and comes out. He sees blood all over him. He asks what happened. Suraj tells him that Imli has met with an accident. He stops him and says how does it matter to him.

Vivaan slaps him and say how dare he say that. He provokes him and makes Vivaan confess that he loves Imli. Suraj tells him that Imli is fine and he did all this just to make him confess. Vivaan gets angry and asks why did he play such a stupid prank. Suraj tells him that he did all this just to make him realize that how much he loves Imli. He tells her that Imli also loves her. Vivaan says he is lying. Suraj says she wanted to tell him but she couldn’t. Suraj tells him that she had taken him to the lake side to confess her love but she met with an accident.

Vivaan tells Suraj he is doing all this because he doesn’t want to free Chakor. He tells her that he would never leave Chakor. Suraj tries to stop him but he leaves. Suraj decides to talk to Chakor. Chakor dances and waits for Vivaan. She makes a bouquet of flowers for him. Bijli comes and praises her.

Imli cries and hugs her mother. Her mother tries to feed her but she refuses. Chakor waits for Vivaan. Vivaan thinks all that Suraj said. He decides to pretend to be happy in front of Chakor and make her day special. Suraj comes and asks Chakor where is she going. Chakor says she is going to meet Vivaan. He stops her and says she won’t go to meet Vivaan. He tells her that he wants to see Vivaan with Imli and he will not let her go there. Chakor tells him that Vivaan loves her and Imli wants them to be together. She tells her that Vivaan doesn’t love Imli. Suraj stops her and says she is the unrequited lover in the scene and not Imli. He tells her she is coming between them. Chakor scolds him and asks him to let her go.

Chakor tells him that Vivaan would have told her if he would have loved Imli. Suraj tells her that he didn’t tell her because he doesn’t know that Imli loves her. He says he is doing all this for her happiness. Suraj throws his bouquet on the floor and asks her to accept the truth. She refuses to believe and cries that Suraj spoilt her bouquet. He holds her and tells her that he is not lying. Chakor tells him that she hates him and he cannot come between them. She turns. Suraj removes his gun.

Udaan full episode 22nd September 2016 written update