Uday Chopra: Nicole Kidman wants to shoot in India

The Dhoom:3 star seems to be smitten by his Grace Of Monaco leading lady

Uday Chopra has turned into a huge Nicole Kidman fan. Not because he is a producer of her latest film Grace Of Monaco, but due to the time he got to spend with the Academy Award winning heroine and saw her candid side.

Even though he spent only two weeks in the last schedule of the film with Nicole, Uday says he was super impressed with the multitalented heroine, “I wasn’t there for all of the shoot, I was shooting for Dhoom:3 when the film went on the floor and then my father passed away so I had to come back to India, so I only caught her in the last two weeks of shoot. She is very sweet and so different from what I expected her to be. Her children were with her and I got to see her play different roles of an heroine on set and a mother off the set.”

When asked if Nicole was interested in visiting India he added, “She expressed her desire to come to India, she loves India, she’s actually been to Rajasthan and Goa and she wants to come back and I have even met her agent who said she even wants to do some movies based in India.”

Other Hollywood stars who have shot in India

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