Uday Chopra turns Ali yet again for Dhoom:3: Watch video

Wed, June 19, 2013 9:47am IST by
Uday Chopra turns Ali yet again for Dhoom:3: Watch video

Watch this clip the Chopra lad has posted online to show how little it takes for him to become Ali

Dhoom:3 is one of the most awaited action flicks of the year. Aamir Khan will don the hat of a baddie in this high octane drama. Interestingly the villains in the Dhoom franchise have always stolen the thunder
If John Abraham looked macho in the first part, Hrithik Roshan stepped up the hotness quotient in the sequel with his killer looks and incredible stunts. The real hero (Abhishek Bachchan that is) has always been overshadowed by the baddie. And now all eyes are set on Mr Perfectionist to know what he does to take this installment a step further.

But there’s one actor who’s been retained all through – and that is Uday Chopra. The Chopra scion has been out of action (and our collective minds) for quite some time now. But now even he’s gearing up to make the best of this opportunity to make his presence felt. Uday posted this video online to show how quickly he can don the character of Ali. While Aamir, Katrina Kaif and AB Junior are sweating it out to play their respective roles, Uday has opted for an easy route. Just strap the hair band on his receding hairline and there he becomes Ali! Now isn’t that quick, if not smart? You tell us.

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