Upset Kajol declares Ranbir Kapoor a better actor than Shahrukh Khan!

Kajol Shahrukh Ranbir Kapoor

Recently, Kajol was at her candid best when she appeared on KJo’s popular chat show Koffee with Karan and here’s some goss

Kajol and Ayan Mukerji were the second pair of cousins to share the famous black couch on Karan Johar’s Koffee with Karan. And Kajol, as always was at her chirpiest best on the show. Apart from refusing to accept Armaan Kohli as a part of her family by saying that it’s a topic for some other day, Kajol even said that Ranbir Kapoor is a better actor than her favourite co-star Shahrukh Khan. SRK and Kajol’s onscreen chemistry and their friendship has always been talked about. In fact, even though Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor-Deepika Padukone and other such pairs have sizzled onscreen, no one has matched up SRK-Kajol, hai na? So, it was quite surprising when Kajol declared that Ranbir is a better actor than SRK.

Well, what could be the reason that Kajol feels this way? Could it have anything to do with the Son Of Sardaar vs Jab Tak Hai Jaan controversy? In 2012, Shahrukh’s JTHJ clashed with Kajol’s hubby Ajay Devgn’s Son of Sardaar at the box-office. What more, Kajol wasn’t invited for SRK’s film’s premiere. Though Kajol has maintained that her relationship with YRF is cordial, we wonder if there has been a permanent damage to her relationship with Shahrukh. And while Kajol has given her opinion, we doubt many will agree with that, hai na?

Anyways, now that Kajol has declared that the Kapoor lad is a better actor than King Khan, we wonder if she will ever share screen space with the latter. Sigh!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Eman

    Ranbir Kapoor is not and can not be better than SRK

  • Eman

    Kajol should thanks SRK as only in his movies only she was hit otherwise no movi did a great business. Hence itas a great joke to say Ranbir is better than SRK dnt know in what sence she told this may be in some other sence but it cannot be in acting even she knows that

    • Aries

      U r so jealous just like YOUR SRK. Kajol may have acted with SRK in many films but the thing is that she is right this time. SRK is overrated actor.

      • Aries

        @Eman….SRK’s popularity has gone down. Fans of SRK should admit this now. He has become old. He was always one overrated actor who only knows to hamming in the name of acting. Kuch kuch hota hai was the best movie that they did together. It was Kajol that was soul of the movie…why should she be grateful to SRK u idiot Eman(whatever that means)..they did movies together…its not like SRK was superstar from the beginning and he gave a break to kajol who was a newcomer. stupid man…..She herself is very good actress admired by many…she spoke whatever is on her mind…she shouldn’t be questioned, its her choice…

        • lida

          what the fuck are you idiot talking about? the ugly and talentless kajol is the worst actress ever in Bollywood and she even know what acting is? now she comes and judges the master of acting Shahrukh khan. It’s only because she is jealouse of sharukh khan’s success and her ugly husband has no talent at all. Shahrukh khan is the best talent and actor Bollywood ever has had. The ugly kajol is the one who overacting and the only role she can did in her movies is like a two years old child that lapping and hopping in the movies. Both she and her ugly husband may have 100 fans but legend Shahrukh khan has billions and that tells all. Shahrukh khan’s acting is best and unique, the way he smiles, the way he cries, he’s voice and the intensity in he’s eyes is fantastic. If the dark, ugly and talentless kajol in the future wants to compare somebody to baby ranvir kapoor has to be herself and her talentless husband not legends like Shahrukh khan and Aamir khan. Grow up ugly baby kajol and become a good human. respect other actor.

          • Aries

            Lol frustrated much???..I know that u r that Eman writing in a girl’s name….SRK only knows how to do those raj or rahul type roles by giving that weeping expression(overacting) which people like u hail as some intense acting…..for years, he did the same thing because he choose the roles because he wanted to be the safest best in bollywood and feared if he had done something else, he would have failed miserably which is why he was scared of trying anything different…In all his career, I thought he was good in Swades and DDLJ… I have never seen such an insecure person in my life…

            In an interview given to NDTV after Ra. one flopped he went on to say that critics should stop lashing out at him and come out with him face to face and in his typical insecure nature he said that people just don’t realize how much hard work goes into making a film…He was so upset for being just written off Ra. one which was a bad film already!!!

            As for newbie ranbir kapoor, he started off career just 3 years back and he has attempted variety of roles in such short span of career, so that’s what he is doing which SRK has never done in his life….U plz void writing nonsense and don’t drag their personal is desperate…i have seen u people always dragging Salman unnecessary in order to degrade Salman and make SRK look good…this is very loser type of discussion..i can’t be part of such loser discussion..

          • Aries

            oops it is safest bet not safest best..

          • lida

            What are you idiot talking about even Amitabh and dilip Kumar had praised Shahrukh khan for his acting in My name is khan and many other movies and who are you to judge Shakrukh khan’s acting? Ranvir is shit.

          • Aries

            u birdbrain, u r just plain dumb… is waste of time and energy talking something sense with u becoz u don’t have any sense at all…u r just completely idiot…dumb fellow just go to hell…

          • lida

            You are the stupid and idiot one who don’t understand anything, think idiot if Shahrukh khan is bad, he wouldn’t have billion of fans that love his acting. your talentless and idiot Ranvir kapoor has maybe just 100 fans and that tells how bad his acting is. Shahrukh khan Won 8 awards for his acting and even actor like dilip kumar and Amithabh had praised his acting. Are you idiot Aries more clever than Amitahbh and Dilip Kumar?

          • sady

            I don’t agree with you, SRK can be a really good actor. I’ve seen most and his movies and I can say I was moved by his acting.
            The problem is that nowadays he does movies withouth soul. JTHJ was shitty as was Katrina, Ra.One wasn’t that good (They shouldn’t have tried to target such a large audience)…
            I’m disappointed by Kajol, though she’s my favorite actress of her generation because I seriously think she’s saying all of this out of spit.
            SRK wasn’t the producer of JTHJ, he couldn’t step up for her. YRF and Ajay should have dealt with this matter in another way.

          • zahra12

            are you for real i mean have you seen him act evil? or better yet act at all? you hate him like literally hate him when he acts as a villain not cuz of what he does but cuz of his actions and facial expressions you really think hes evil and cruel and end up not seeing nothing else( well at least for me)…i am just shocked that there are skr haters out there i mean seriously watch him more carefully like there is no actor out there who is as good as him and who touches those feeling you never thought you had btw i usually never cry in movies and all of srk sad movies made me cry cuz his tears were so real even my brothers ( all 5) were tearing up so don’t you dare say anything mean about srk again better yet don’t say anything mean at all if it isn’t nice i also like kajol so plz people stop with the negative comments you are hurting kajol and srk’s feelings… these two have worked to the bone espically srk he worked so hard to be were he is.. can’t you just say at least that he worked hard?

          • Bae

            You need to chill! Who gave u the right to go judge other women? Do you think society is going to progress with judgemental freaks like you bringing others down? You should be ashamed of yourself!

  • avi

    u cant compare the legend king of bollywood to ranbir…its a joke y always compare with srk..he rule the world..ranbir cant even reach indian audiance forget about the world

    • Srivastav


  • guest

    This gossip column is really cheap. Who is upset? SRK or his fans? I guess blogs & news papers will write whatever about SRK to keep their popularity . Y in hell would it matter what kajol feels? thought she rated Amir just the same, but that’s not talked about. Think ranbir is a good actor but he should be compared with his own contemporaries like ranveer .Wounder y kjo insists on comparing the young with senior actors when he hasn’t done half their body of work. The boy has alot to learn moreover,there r other new actor coming up.

    • Srivastav

      yo shut up and leave, if you don’t have anything to say about the topic, we don’t need to here your useless opinions.

      • guest

        You must think that yr opinions r useful. We r all here 4 escapism or boredom & all our comments combined sustain this gossip site, that’s sad n pathetic, really!, thank you 4 giving me a reality check. I’ll consider yr advise.

  • Eman

    Ranbir on the idea of ​​representing Mabiaraf and downright Mabaiqarn with King Shahrukh Khan Shahrukh Khan is the first Almakdan and goodness in the Indo is the best – talk rakish big difference between Ranbir Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan and Amir do not face comparison

  • Sanya

    lost some respect for Kajol . Thought she is matured enough to say openly the truth instead resorted to favoritism. Ranbir better than amir and srk? what a joke?
    and how Katrina is rated! is it her rating or her cousin’s? Though not a fan of any of these actors, one can understand the partiality of such people

  • parth

    ranbir is a kid in terms the huge variety of work that these people have done.people who think ranbir is a better actor than aamir,srk,and hrithik should get a life.these 3 are incredibly versatile actors and it would take many more years before he can be placed in the same league with these actors

    • zahra12

      exactly ranbir hasn’t even done a movie that is very emotional yet he done more comedic where as srk has been doing movies where their meaning is very deep and his acting just grabs your heart.

  • Sasha

    No Doubt- Ranbir is way better actor than Shahrukh!

    • Dady

      you must be a stupid person to say that. Just name one movie like DDLG since bollwood established , ranbir whole family has done some thing like it. keep shut your mouth ugly indian

      • nand

        are you a muslim?

    • Srivastav

      your the dumbest person I saw here, are you kidding Me, ranbir is a minor rookie compared to a legend SRK.

    • Asad Khan Nasar

      fuck u man,

    • paul

      Sasha you must be the biggest bitch of ranbir

    • shades

      Ranbir a. Better. Actor ?
      Kahan raja bhoj kahan gangu teli ……
      Its an insult for srk even to be compared with ranbir…..forget acting even at the age of 48 srk looks thousand times better than this odd looking actor

  • anonymous

    Joke of the year ..
    It looks like a case of sour grapes ….

    But any ways does srk need her endorsement ? She knows well that she owes a lot to srk for her existence and recognition in industry …with out ddlj …kkkg..dtph…mnik…who is kajol ?

    • zahra17

      you know we really don’t know what happened.. we dont know if she said that as a joke or not or that the article just made it bigger by bringing up the fact that she didn’t attend srk premiere and how in the hell does this article know if she was invited or not i mean shes a star of course she would be invited usually all stars are! She could have been busy like seriously kajol and srk are human so ppl plz start thinking about the what ifs and stop pointing fingers at actors that could be innocent. thank you

  • Nikki

    Sour grapes. All movies with her arrogant hu9sband flopped. LOL

  • Nikki

    Lost respect for Kajol. When last has Kajol made a movie??????? that was a success. Movies with her ugly looking husband flopped. Sour Grapes. R Kapoor running on family name. SRK worked hard and perseverance made him a success.

    • dklskjlsj

      Eh, stop hatin on ajay devgan. He’s a better actor than SRK. I agree he ain’t as good looking, but why you criticizing him. His performances in Zakhm, Legend of Bhagat Singh, Company, and Once Upon A Time in Mumbai are much better than SRK’s overacting in movies such as DDLJ and Devdas, so show some respect. Ranbir kapoor ain’t running on family name. He acted exceptionally well in movies such as Barfi and Rockstar, so shut yo mouth about him running on his family name.

      • paul

        Dklskjlsj you are the biggest fool ive seen in my life a stupid who said ajay devgun is a better actor than srk. Pagal did u mean srk overacted in ddlj you need a doctor. Kajol would have been doing 3rd class movies with ajay devgun all movies very super flop when she was out she did mnik with srk to get back popularity her looks r average compared to rani kajol is nothing without srk and karan johar..

        • mika

          Absolutely right …….in front of srk ajay is a non entity ……with out rohit shetty he is a big zero .

      • sady

        SRK has also done very good movies such as Chak De India, Don, Paheli, Ram Jaane, Dil Se, MNIK, Asoka…

        The thing is most of the times he tries doing something different, success doesn’t necessarily follows.

        He’s work a lot and what he became is thanks to himself. So please if you choose to compare actors try doing it fairly. I don’t think Ajay’s work was awesome in Himmatwala & Tezz for instance…or Ranbir’s in Besharam or Bachna_Ae_Haseeno…

        I might also have to add that the standard of acting weren’t the same then and now. What you see on screen is the actor showing what the director wants.
        Actors like SRK or Aamir could sometimes know about the scenes they were going to shoot on the very same day of the shooting while nowadays actors have the possibility to “prepare” for the role months beforehand.

        SRK hasn’t been launched like RK who’s there thanks to his family name. RK had time to prepare to become an actor (learnt dancing, took acting courses in some fancy NY drama school, got launch by a famous director…)

      • zahra12

        ok stop i like ajay too but no he is not better than srk and don’t bring down srk just cuz somoene else said something bad about ajay seriously grow up a little instead of being mean to an actor that hasn’t done you any wrong why don’t you take it on the person who has defamed your fav actor or watever rather than defaming another actor?

  • alvina

    No one better than srk

  • Rukh

    She is a nutcase . She rated Kareena better than Priyanka, after Priyanka’s performance in Barfi??!! I like Ranbir Kapoor a lot . He is also becoming very versatile day by day. But all said and done Ranbir better than Amir and Shahrukh? Nah.. She is so snooty. She thinks she looks rich in films. In Kabhi Khushi she was aptly looking like a halwai’s daughter . Rani was looking classier. It’s Karan Johar who gives her so much footage. Rani could have easily replaced her in My name is Khan and Family and done a better job perhaps.

  • Sid

    Haha She also said ajay devgn is sexiest actor… So obviously she ws trying to please her husband…… No Doubt RK is really good actor… may be best from his generation but you cnt compare him to SRK ..

  • Adhin

    Ok people, here is what I think. Kajool liked SKH, but did not happned. Long time ago I heard she said she would have married SKH if he had asked than Ajay. It sound playing games to me.

  • Sajid

    Chuhe ki tulna sher se mat karna kyonki ranbir abhi chuha hai kal ka chhokra hai

    • Boss

      Ranbir is a baby, not done 1% of sharukh khan. Best movie like ddlg,kkhh,b,chack de. we don’t know if ranbir can do one of this type of movie in his entire career. so don’t jump too much.

    • nand

      oh man why muslims are given so much importance in India,No wonder why Mughals ruled India for so long

      • raja

        Its bad to bring religion in between ..
        80 % of srk fans are non Muslims ……..
        Srk is ruling Bollywood NCOs of his charm dedication and extreme talent and not
        Bcos he is a Muslim

  • Sajid

    shahrukh bhai allah kare aap sabse aage rahe jalne wale jalte rahe

  • M Venkat Raman

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  • zoheb shaikh

    SRK, AAMIR, SALMAN are Legends. No one can compare them… So who’s Ranbir

    • nand

      sure you are a muslim

      • zahra12

        and whats that supposed to mean? these guys are legends its 100% true. I’m muslim and for me legendary movie stars would be srk kajol,hirthrik and salman khun. but srk is number one :) in my list and probably in billions of other ppls.

  • Virat Kohli

    She is right. Even Rajpal Yadav is better than self proclaimed Bakra Khan

    • Srivastav

      Shut the fuck up, you gay ass idiot, who do you think your calling bakra, you piece of shit, your bakra, where are you and where is SRK, stupid pathetic nonsense, if you don’t have anything good to say then keep your comments to yourself idiot.

      • nand

        Are you Srivastav KHAN

        • raj

          u r a racist bitch, sorry to say this but you are also the dumbest person i know

    • gang

      This guy sure Is a salman khan fan …..
      Jealous with srk same like his idol …
      His words are nothing but shows his cheap level ….

  • guru

    Do you think kajol is most knowledgable woman. she need common sense that ranbir has not achieve what sharukh khan achived.look her sister tanisha so stupidin big boss. Lucky she got married .

  • Gandhi

    Ranbir is a baby has not done even 1%. Have not seen any top class performance like ajay in company,amir in dhoom 3 , lagan, sharukh in ddlg,kkhh,dor,baggigor,chackde many more, salman khan dabang, and many more.i have douth if he can his entire career.

  • Oxford union

    Ranbir is a baby has not done even 1% of sharukh

  • Srivastav

    What The heck is she talking about crazy, she’s being stupid she only became famous because of Shahrukh Khan without him, she would have been just an ordinary actress in bollywood nothing else, did she forget Diwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, I mean show some respect, ranbir kapoor who the heck is he, he’s done some good movies luckily by being signed for so called uncommon films hah then became a loser for making the ultimate flop movie of the year besharam, he’s a pathetic actor, and is no where near compared to SRK, Shahrukh Khan The Baadshah of Bollywood you can’t compare a minor rookie to a legend SRK!!!

    • lsdklsjdlsj

      you sir are a bitch ass nigga. Ranbir kapoor acted extremely well in Barfi and Rockstar. Yes, Ranbir kapoor may not have been around very long, but he ain’t no pathetic actor. He’s one of the best and rivals SRK. And plus, SRK overracts in most of his movies (ex. Devdas). So don’t u go around calling Ranbir Kapoor pathetic. And shut the fuck up.

      • boxer

        Why so much panic when ranbir himself
        Is a srk fan .
        Comparison between them is like showing candle to the sun .

  • JC

    If it was based on 1 film say Barfi vs Chennai Express then Kajol would be correct but overall the 2 actors do not even compare. SRK is waayyyy superior. SRK is a Bollywood icon while Ranbir is very good actor. Like comparing Amitabh Bachchan to Ranveer Singh. You just can’t make such comparisons. Kajol probably knows this but uses such a comparison between SRK and Rabir as a way to tweak SRK. You can’t break up the friendship of SRK and Kajol but they’re probably going through hard times.

  • Sasha

    Why target Kajol- if you saw Karan’s previous episodes- everyone has rated Ranbir Kapoor higher than Shahrukh for acting.

    • ishant

      Out of jealousy simply ……

      Ask his over 3 billion fans about his talent

  • guest

    Does being on the cusp of age 40 drive a woman barmy?

    SRK zoomed to the stratasphere coming from a non filmi family. Ranbir carries the genes of 4 generations of actors. Nowhere can Ranbir be compared to the delightful SRK who captured every heart with his Raj of DDLJ. And he carried the picture on his
    non filmi shoulders while she came from an established acting family.

    Ranbir, to date, has not proven to be of the caliber of SRK.
    He displays many a time shades of his grandparents – and like Raj Kapoor
    resorts to Charlie Chaplin. Besides, he’s not that versatile like Hrithik Roshan.
    Already he faces stiff challenge from Ranveer Singh.

    He is already challenged by Deepika Padukone, another from a
    non filmi background. Deepika has done what Kajol never could – take Bollywood
    by storm and made herself a legend. Now let’s see another actress come up with 4 hits in a single year.

    • sady

      Kajol did it in 1998 with K2H2, Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha, Pyaar Kya To Darna Kya and Dushman. All successful movies in the same year

    • zahra12

      i would have to say the only people who kinda meet with srk level of acting would be hrithik, rani and little of kajol…this rookie actor just started so im not about to just jump the gun by saying hes better than srk who has been loved for more than a decade just cuz his movie barfi was so heart warming and had a great plot. But its like saying ariana is better singer than beyonce which obviously she isnt.

  • Siddharth Chhaya

    When it comes to acting Ranbir is certainly better than SRK but SRK has his own status and he is not a bad actor at all. He works within his limitations where Ranbir has great talent but SRK is no less superstar. Both rock!

  • Rnoela Lorraine

    This type of outlandish, incessant, slandering gossip has been a source of annoyance to me for a long time because I enjoy keeping up with the news around the world, but this nonsense – gossiping has become so prevalent that one has to work excessively hard to find reliable, truthful, accurate reports these days. However, recently I have started to feel entertained by this gossiping. What I mean is that the lengths that reporters, writers, and the like go to in order to receive attention (for whatever their reasons) and how tolerant and permissive the publishers are in accepting and permitting these reports to be publicized is amazing me and stirring my curiosity. All sorts of questions pop into my mind, one being: how far it will continue to grow, spread, and be acceptable fodder for readers without serious consequences.The conniving, sometimes even evil thoughts that peoples’ minds fabricate to get a rise out of readers; and the acceptance of it by authorities astounds me. I’ve heard it said, “any attention is better than none”. Apparently there are enough people who benefit from putting that line of thought into practice. I would expect it to generate bad Karma and it seems to me that, that would detour people from doing this sort of thing. But, apparently it doesn’t. So, I’m intrigued for now and tempted to continue to observe this phenomena, trying not to let it rile my sensitivities too greatly, despite how difficult that is. Try to have a peaceful life friends.

    • guest

      This sort of site is an excellent place for collecting data 4 studying & trying to understand human behavior . Alot that’s written here is understood as mere gossip, it says so on the site itself, but more often you’ll see individuals draging in religious sentiments, racism & sexism into their comments. It’s a symptom of an underlying illness of psychological deep frustration .
      With the global recession, ever increasing looming poverty esp. In poorer countries, political instability absence of law & order that has increased the rate of social vices like rape n murder, pple feel powerless & hopeless that they can effect change cos the current system just isn’t working so “we” who can afford it turn to escapism in form of “entertainment”like this gossip site. Celebrities who may represent the “ideall”of what we believe success is or Minorities of a Society subconsciously or consciously become soft targets of our raging underlying frustrations. Gossip columns & brainwashing entertainment have a filled day coz their products keep rising in demand & we all know the higher the demand, the greater the supply even if it means fabricating stories. They only sell becos we r buying & it keeps the politicians happy, the stake holders rich, publishers employed, celebrities publicized & us distracted.

  • Ateeq Pathan

    Yes I agree with Kajol. talking about acting skills RK is better that SRK but not Amir and Amitabh. SRK is good while romancing and making people cry but not best actor.

    • lida

      Every those old and newcomer bitch actresses who enters in Bollywood wishes in the beginning to work with Shahrukh khan then when they get the chance and become popular because Shahrukh khan then they becomes enemies of Shahrukh khan and begins to talk bad about him. If it wasn’t shahrukh khan, would nobody know ugly and talentless kajol today. Shahrukh khan is not only the best actor of Bollywood but also a very good human being and respect other actors. He never talks bad about any actor and he always praises those bitches like dark kajol. Otherwise Aimir khan and Amitabh are not better than Shahrukh khan at all maybe to Ateeq Pathan because you are a fan of them but for us Shahrukh khan is gold . Almost all actors are jealous of Shahrukh khan, every week some idiot says something negative about Shahrukh khan, Why do thing idiots, it’s only because Shahrukh khan is the best actor, the best human being, has billion of fans, almost all of he’s movies are successful and he won 8 best actor awards for his acting and that tells a lot.

  • Unar Asad Hussain

    SRK IS KING AND HE ALWAYS BE A KING and eman is right and Aries is wrong as wrong as can be stupid and kajol too no one mess with SRK ,,,,,……

    SRK ZINDABAD <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • paul

    Omg kajol wouldn’t be a star withour srk though ppl claimed srk n kajol the best pair I never accepted cause kajol is not as beautiful as madhuri juhi preethi zinda or katrina kaif who made a great pair onscreen . Now I am happy that kajol will never pair with srk.. unworthy ppl

  • paul

    All those stupid bum who hate srk cant stop him. Srk is the only actor who has 4 billion fan following he ia still charming and will still rule the box office. Kajols career is over now haters just shut and f____. Off

  • herry

    i am actually laughing at you idiot people who are wasting their own time and own future for commenting everyday on these celebrities. lol.

    • peter

      If so then don’t you think you are one of them when you are visiting this content and commenting on that ….lol more

  • lida


    • lida

      The only good actresses Bollywood has last 30 years had is Madhuri dixit and sridevi. Kajol is nothing and has no talent at all. she is so ugly and all her family are ugly and talentless.

  • lida

    Shahrukh khan became a fantastic actor because of he’s talent and acting scales , he had no filmy background, no rich parents but he has God that blessing him. Actors like kajol who didn’t do a good job I movies begin to talk about King khan, of course because they are jealous of his success and acting scales. Actors like Skahrukh khan that are successful, don’t have time to talk about losers like kajol has. Ranvir is shit and he has only done 3-4 movies and now dark kajol says that he is better than Bollywood’s legends. If she is clever, she wouldn’t believed in muse or cow. all Indus are so stupid.

  • abhilash darwatkar

    oyyy…shahrukh khan jaisa koi nahi hai….uske saamne ye ….ranbhir …ranveer…to…kya…aamir …salman bhi…chote hai….only shahrukh bhai…

  • lida

    kajol devgan is the worst actress of Bollywood and her husband is worst actor. If she wants to talk about a topic next time, she should talk about her and her husband’s lake of talent and not attack Legend Shahrukh Khan.

  • Hansa

    She is so annoying, ugly and fake. Ajay is the worst actor ever and Kanjar Johar is the gayest person ever..

  • luna

    mmm… If you guys ever watch the cormplete interview you can notice that kajol sayed that she tinks that Ranbir is better than SRK yes, but she clarify that is comparing to the amateur SRK, well I love both of them, and I don’t think kajol is talentless as much people say here and ofcourse SRK is a talented actor, but please if you say that kajol just can do silly roles you are wrong in her only 26 movies she has done a variety of caracters and some of them are pretty serious.