Urvashi Dholakia wins Bigg Boss 6!

The three month-long show has finally ended with one winner

From the top two finalists – Urvashi Dholakia and Imam Siddiqui, Salman Khan has announced the winner of Bigg Boss season 6.While we loved Imam’s quirky behaviour and madness, we knew Urvashi had a strong chance of winning the show. So when Salman announced the winner is Urvashi we were not so surprised.

Salman asked the other contestants who they wish should win the Bigg Boss 6 and almost everyone hoped it would be Urvashi. When the Dabangg actor asked Imam’s sister she said as an audience it should be Urvashi and as a sister I hope it is Imam. What an honest answer!

All said and done, we congratulate Urvashi Dholakia for the big win and hope she has a successful career ahead.