Uttaran: Will Meethi realise Vishnu has tricked her into marriage?

She runs away from home after being tortured by her in-laws, but will Meethi manage to elude them forever?

Colors’ long running show Uttaran is showcasing some major dramatic sequences off late. In the recent episodes, we’ve seen Ichcha (Tina Dutta) and Tapasya (Rashmi Desai Sandhu) being admitted to the hospital in extreme conditions. On the other hand, Meethi (Tina Dutta) is being tortured and treated like a vermin by her in-laws. But this is just the start; there’s much more melodrama in the making.

According to the latest goss, Ichcha will not survive the surgery, while Tapasya will recover from the life threatening situation. Meethi, who is at her in-laws place, has a gut feeling that something is wrong and desperately tries to reach her mother. She runs away from the haveli to make a call, but gets caught and is dragged back to the mansion. Till date, Meethi has no idea why her mother-in-law is so uncouth and vicious. But things may no longer remain a secret.

Apparently, when Meethi will learn that her mother has passed away, she will insist that she be allowed to pay her last respects. But her in-laws know that once they let her go, she will never come back – so, permission denied. Meethi pleads to her husband, Vishnu (Mrunal Jain), but fails to get a response. It’s then that she understands that Vishnu never really loved her.

Now, we wonder if Meethi will try and run away again after learning the truth about her new family or will she try changing their mindset? Either ways, her troubles have just begun and it will be a long way before she manages to change them. Right?