Valentine’s Day: Akshay Kumar at Twinkle Khanna’s feet

Valentine’s Day: Akshay Kumar at Twinkle Khanna’s feet

On Valentines Day, Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna gave an interview about things they hate about each other. Later, Akshay went online and posted an adorable picture of the two. Here’s one couple who likes celebrating the good, bad and the ugly side of their relationship

People say that the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But what about a woman’s heart? Akshay Kumar would perhaps say ‘through her feet’.

Some time ago, Akshay and Twinkle Khanna had been in the news for all the wrong reasons. There were talks about Akshay’s flings driving wife Twinkle Khanna crazy, who allegedly walked out on him one night. While we still question the credibility of the messy parts, the sarcastic but real chemistry between the two is totally tangible. So we sit, read and enjoy as the couple recounts irksome details of their relationship.

In the interview, Twinkle laments about having a fitness-freak for a husband. She says, “Akshay’s idea of a romantic date is six-kilometer jog, followed by 500 crunches….TOGETHER! Eeeeks!” Oops! Now that’s rough, no?

But guess what, Akshay has a perfect remedy to his wife’s woes – posting an image of him massaging dear wifey’s delicate feet on his micro-blogging site while saying, “Happy Slavery Day to all devoted men! If we can’t appreciate the Woman we love on Valentine’s Day then we don’t deserve them. So be a Man & PAMPER your lady just like ME.”

Hope that’s brought a few smiles to Twinkle’s face. But then it’s not only the wife who’s doing the complaining. The action hero too has some things to say. “It drives me nuts how her tongue is so razor sharp. I can shave with it instead of a razor!” he says. Oops, now the list of complains can go on and on. But it’s not all complaining for the couple. There is a pinch of mush too. “It drives me nuts how he has sneakily and steadily wormed his way into becoming my best friend. I like him more now than when I married him,” says Twinkle. Hubby Akshay also has the perfect reply. “It drives me nuts how I rely on my wife for everything. I can’t imagine a day without her!” Now, Akshay and Twinkle aren’t exactly known to be a very romantic couple but this definitely is a perfect ‘awwww’ moment, no?Subscribe to me on YouTube


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