Valentine’s day special: Write a love letter to Arjun Kapoor

Valentine’s day special: Write a love letter to Arjun Kapoor

Send a love letter to Arjun Kapoor by pasting it in the comments section. If you win, your letter will be published on on Valentines Day. Don’t forget to leave your email id at the end of the letter, so we can inform you when your letter gets published, and, of course, we will send your beloved star your mail id, so you could get lucky and get a very special email!

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  • Sohal

    Hey Arjun,

    my name is sohal and i’m living in Germany. I am a huge fan of yours and your acting skills. I love everything about you. Although i live so far from india and bollywood (and from you :) i feel the connection everytime i see your film or your performances. You are my inspiration, because i also had a few pounds more and after seeing your new handsome body i started to work out and i lost 15 Kg. And it feels great, and now i know how you feel :) I wish that i could one day meet you and thank you for being an inspiration to all the young boys and girls who have/had weight issues. LOve you and happy valentine’s day.

  • sanzida akter

    Hello arjun…I am sanzida ..I live in bangladesh now.but i am going to america 24 february for studing.. How are u? You are looking so handssome.I love your smile.when i sleep u always come to my dream.At i don’t like u but slowly i feel something about u.I saw ur film.You are very hard working lost 50 kg.It’s so amyazing.although i live so many far from you but i feel you every moment .You are very good looking.I know u always take three black coffee.i wish i meet u .because i am great fan of u .i love u soo much and happy valentine’s day.Continue your work properly..

  • sanzida

    Hii Arjun..I am sanzida.Now i live in bangladesh but i am going america 24 february.You are looking so good.I love your acting.At first i don’t like u but slowly i something feel about u.When i go to sleep ,i always think about u .every moment i think what r u doing now?I always kiss u.when i saw u,my heard so much bitting.I can’t control it.I live so far from u but i always feel u.Your smile just kiil me .I know about u .You are very health consious and hardworing person.It inspires me. You loss 50 kg. Its amazing.Now i am working hard for my singing.I wish i meet u because i love u so much . I can’t explane it .so i love u and happy valentine’s day. You continue your don’t worry for anything.When you so much worry for something , you always say it God.God solve everything…My email adress is “”…

  • sanzida

    Hi Arjun,i am Sanzida.Now i live in Bangladesh but i am going to america 24 february.You are looking so good.At first i don’t like you but slowly i something feel about you .I am in love.When i saw yow ,my heard is so much bitting.I can’t control it .when i go to sleep at night,i always thinhk about you.You always come to my dream and i always kiss you.When i am walking,eating,reading i always think about u.I live so much far from you but my heard always say Arjun.You are very handsome.Your smile just kill me .I wish i meet u because i love u so much.I wish i huge and kiss you.Mentally i marry with you.You are very hardworking and health conscious.i know you always take black coffee.You loss your weight 50 kg.It’s amazing.It inspires me.Now i am working hard for my singing.So i love u so much and happy valentine’s day.You enjoy all the moment.You continue your work.You don’t worry for anything.Because i want you smile always .When you so much worry about something,you say it only God .Because God solve every problem.please continue fun and smile.When you are smiling,you look like a baby.So,again i love so much and enjoy valentine’s moment.I think everyday valentine’s day

  • Mehrul

    Hey to the user below Sanzida, that’s cheating dude. It’s only one letter

  • Hasna hena

    Hey Arjun..How are you?I am hasna.I live in Bangladesh.I am huge fan of you.You are looking and so handsome.When i saw you first movie,i like so much.At first i love your smile.When i saw you,my heard is bitting highlg. You always come to dream.Every moment i rememder you.I think about you always.I can’t control it because i am in love.I love you so so much.I tell with my friends,i am Mrs Arjun.Your smile just kill me.I live so many far from you,but i always think about you.You are a hardworking person,you loss your weight.It just inspires me.Now i don’t eat any rich food.Now i am very conscious about my health.I really want to meet you.And again i love u.Enjoy valentine’s moment and continue your smile because life so much fun.

  • Priya Rajput

    i watched his first movie ishqzade. he was nothing then a star,i loved his acting,his looks. but i never knew that this would turn into this. i was studying for my exams and i just read his one interview.His talks ,were just like….i was blank. he attracted like a magnet to me by his side and then just it is what it is today , I AM TOTALLY MAD IN LOVE WITH HIM. but is it my fault i took birth in a totally different world then him ,that i just feel helpless . but i know love is not always being able to met the one, it is sitting a side and just protecting him by your prayers. i wish you luck . i hope you just get this feeling of mine to you.and hmmm thank you for coming in movies else i would have never got the ideal and true love of my life.I know we both cant meet , but i will never loose a hope of meeting you.bye and plz take care of yourself … least for me… just take carre.[