Valentine’s Day: Write a love letter to Katrina Kaif

Valentine’s Day: Write a love letter to Katrina Kaif

Send a love letter to Katrina Kaif by pasting it in the comments section

If you win, your letter will be published on on Valentines Day.

Don’t forget to leave your email id at the end of the letter, so we can inform you when your letter gets published, and, of course, we will send your beloved star your mail id, so you could get lucky and get a very special email!

Happy Valentines Day to you all!

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  • faheem

    i love u katrina happy valentine s day

  • Anurag Saxena

    Hi Katrina.. I know it’s a bit difficult for me.. may be because I am a shy person or have never interacted with girls much but.. I Like You.. i like you a lot.
    Each time i see you on screen, “Woh bholi si surat, with a sweet smile”, makes my day. I believe.. you are the sweetest girl I have ever seen in my Life(apart from my Mom). I wish someday we’ll go on for a date, but with your permission ofcourse. :)
    Also, “Main shayar to nahi.. magar aye haseen.. jabse dekha.. maine tujhko, mujhko.. shayari aa gayi..”..
    Yes, I started writing songs, composed them too.
    I am not sure if you’ll ever come across to my comment but Yes.. I Like You..
    May God bless your Life with happiness and I’ll pray that all your Dreams come true.

    Happy Valentine’s Day..

  • abhishek mishra

    “I don’t pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me; love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person, love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of, love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone, but still getting weak knees when they walk into a room and smile at you.”
    happy valentine day dear kat…i m ur big fan and my wish is 2 meet u one time plzzzz gve me a chance

  • Ayan Dalal

    Jab se teri naina
    meri naino se lage re
    tabse dewana huya
    tujhpe begana huya
    rab ve dewana lage re
    rab ve dewana lage re.
    You are the sweetest and lovlyest lady in the planet.i want to date you and want to take you a long drive.please katrina give me a chance in this valantines day.i am your biggest fan since 2005.i am a 18 years old student.please please give me chance to fulfill my dream.

    No matter it is winter night or summer noon
    i always crazy about you
    because my dream my destination
    all are you

  • safiullah khan

    I LOVE YOU katrina kaif i love tou soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much forever

  • Dyg

    Happy Valentine’s Day Katrina;

    I love you and I hope you always be happy in your life.


  • ARUP

    Dear Katrina mam, iam a big fan of you, i want to wish you a wonderfull happy valentine’s day to you. i can’t express my feelings regarding you. mam i have a girlfriend, i see ur face in her face. i always tell her that you look like my katrina kaif. and she becomes angry. actually she is jealous as i like you. she asks me a question everyday, if any day there is a option for you, whether katrina or me, my answer was obviously mam you. i don’t know from maine pyar kyun kiya i like you so much. after watching you mam even i also feel maine pyar kyun kiya. if my girlfriend was not there, definetely i would propose you mam. mam you are hard working girl, please don’t give up mam. i like you in every espects. i like you in whatever you are. i know mam i will not get you, though my second love is you. be happy, be blessed by almighty, reach the destiny, wherever you may be mam. if one day iam so much lucky,i would like to meet you, i want to see you infront of my eyes. daily i search your updates in google news. mam you are awesome. Happy valentine’s day mam. love you mam. with smile and love……….

  • Manpreet S. Rana

    Dear Katrina,
    You will be surprised to know that I am in love with you from when I was 13.
    I had infinite number of things to tell you but now when the time came to expres them it’s all clear out…….but then also I wanna tell you that I love you a lot,
    you are the only person in my life whom I need,I cherish,I respect,I wish and I love.I know it’s very difficult but my only aim in life is to meet you and spend some time with you and…….I know it is crazy but I wanna tell you that whenever I saw you(in television or in any poster)or your voice reach my ears,my tears automatically starts and a flow take the face of the waterfalls…….I am a student and I don’t know where,when and how I start loving you,I love you from my heart and my soul is thirsty for you.
    I only want to say to that Master(god) that I am waiting for that moment…….

  • Rav Kaur

    Hi Katrina Happy valentines day , hope you had a nice day and juz Wana say your a wicked actor and I love your films . Love your accent it’s amazing , you have done well for yourself by getting into bollywood and am proud of you. All my family likes watching your films to , your very Prity and beautiful and am very glad you become apart of bollywood because your films are amazing and entertaining to watch . I hope all your wishes and dreams comes true because you truly deserve it and wish you all the success in bollywood. I will always keep supporting you all the way and nuff love from your no1 biggest fan Rav from Uk xxxx

  • Ranvir Singh

    May Sallu ram nut sak in yr boom bottom as sounds go boing boing and smack smack.

    I pay all my life savings to see dat happen

  • ezed


  • Kashif

    Asalamm a lakoum
    Kartrina kaif
    i hope so that u r fine. me a big fan of yours.
    you look very beautiful when you smile and in serious mood.
    Allah gives you more success. Amin.

  • shahzad

    i love you.



    • Katrina kaif

      happy birthday Katrina .
      my name is barsha sengupta

  • Katrina kaif

    happy birthday Katrina kaif . sorry yesterday the computer was not working . it is your 30th birthday . wish you a very happy birthday . i saw you picture in t2 newspaper yesterday . happy birthday.

  • katrina

    hi katrina
    i love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. you are the preetest girl in the bollywood. i am soooooo happy that you are in the bollywood and you work their. i love you my jaan. and god bless you. and fulfill your wishes.

    preety and beautiful girl

  • fatima

    i love you katrina kaif soooooooooo much. i’m big fan of you. you are sooooo beautiful nd kind. you’re the queen. i love you soooooooo much darling. god bless you my kat.

  • rani

    i love you katrina kaif soooooooooo much. i’m big fan of you. you are sooooo beautiful nd kind. you’re the queen. i love you soooooooo much darling. god bless you my kat.

  • fatima gul

    i love you katrina kaif