Valentine’s Day: Write a love letter to Priyanka Chopra

Valentine’s Day: Write a love letter to Priyanka Chopra

Send a love letter to Priyanka Chopra by pasting it in the comments section

If you win, your letter will be published on on Valentines Day.

Don’t forget to leave your email id at the end of the letter, so we can inform you when your letter gets published, and, of course, we will send your beloved star your mail id, so you could get lucky and get a very special email!

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  • Kadijah

    Hey ,
    How are you. I am fine. I am Kadijah and I am also from India and I live in Germany in Frankfurt . I am 21 years old and I big fan off you how you act all I just love it . Your Kadijah

  • Asish

    Priyanka, I really love you !!!! Keep smiling :)
    I always love to see you on screen and off screen……
    Happy Valntines Day and Take Care My love :)

  • anonym

    leave the fingers of married men, above all from SRK and become adult finally…Happy Valentines Day

  • Vikram

    Love u PC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ri

    love yo priyanka chopra u r my favorite actress
    i’m here in Israel 14 years and steel love u…
    my wish is to take a pic with u!
    i’m your biggest fan :)
    just keep acting i love it… i am waithng for more films!
    love u <3

  • abhishek mishra

    Hi priyanka.. I know it’s a bit difficult for me.. may be because I am a shy person or have never interacted with girls much but.. I Like You.. i like you a lot.
    Each time i see you on screen, “Woh bholi si surat, with a sweet smile”, makes my day. I believe.. you are the sweetest girl I have ever seen in my Life(apart from my Mom). I wish someday we’ll go on for a date, but with your permission ofcourse. :)
    Also, “Main shayar to nahi.. magar aye haseen.. jabse dekha.. maine tujhko, mujhko.. shayari aa gayi..”..
    Yes, I started writing songs, composed them too.
    I am not sure if you’ll ever come across to my comment but Yes.. I Like You..
    May God bless your Life with happiness and I’ll pray that all your Dreams come true.

    Happy Valentine’s Day..

  • Dipesh

    Hi priyanka……first of all hapiee valentines day!!i know this will also gonnobe the usual day 4 u as u’ll b working,& this thing really makes me ur big fan….ur attitude 2wards ur work,how much dedication u show…it simply reflects on screen,i wish that 1 day u’ll become the most perfect actoress so u can set a benchmark for all the coming generation…ahh how would i forget,this is the loveletter & if i not appreciate ur beauty then u’ll b every girlfriend do! So… Start….ua r most pretty,charming,beautiful,…….atlast perfect girl in this whole universe…may god bless u & ur family..pray 4 ur father 2 get well soon and recover quickly!….luv u!!!

  • krithi

    hI priyanka…
    A biggest fan of yours from singapore. Loves your acting and yr smile alot. Your acting in barfi was overwhelmed. All the very best for your upcoming movies. May god bless and happy valentines day.
    Love you lots,krithi:)

  • Tharusha Pathiranage

    priyanka akki,my favourite bollywood star is ur,i likeu,
    u;r sng is vry beautiful
    my favourite sng is in my city