Varun Dhawan: For me acting is like sex!

The Main Tera Hero actor in a recent interview to a filmi magazine confirmed he is single, but not ready to mingle

Varun Dhawan didn’t shock us when he said that he wasn’t looking for a relationship, but yes VD did manage to surprise us with another comment of his. The actor definitely thinks very differently from Shahid Kapoor, who had confessed on Karan Johar’s starry chat show Koffee With Karan 4 that sex wins over acting for him. Varun in a recent interview talked about Alia Bhatt, love affairs and of course sex! He said,

“For me acting is like sex too. I’m single but not ready to mingle. I want to take it easy right now. I’m the serious sort. I’m emotional and too much into ‘love’. But I’m not in the frame of mind for a relationship right now. I won’t be able to put my heart and soul into it.Right now, all I can say is that I’m not married and don’t have any children and that’s all that you’re going to get about my personal life. Whether you answer personal questions or dissuade them, you still get asked. I don’t want to be known as this guy who’s only talking about relationships. I realised it just makes for good writing and reading material but that’s about it. I’d rather be known for my acting.”

He also responded to reports about his relationship with Alia Bhatt, “They should’ve died down a long time ago. Alia is my reel-life girlfriend. People enjoyed the chemistry between us maybe because we’re so comfortable together. We know each other extremely well. I care for her like a true friend and so does she. I’ll always be there for her. Our relationship is such that we don’t even judge one another. She’s a lovely person.”