Varun Dhawan: From cool dude to dapper hunk? View pics and tell us!

The Student Of The Year dude might have had his lady fans swooning with his youthful swagger, but when we spotted the Dhawan lad shooting for the Man magazine, we thought the boy is slowly evolving into the man who will so become the object of female desire. Take a look at these gorgeous pictures and tell us if Varun makes you go weak in the knees and melts your hearts with his dishy presence!

It’s been quite some time since we feasted our discerning eyes on Varun Dhawan’s chiseled young bod, his natural brawn, his fantastic dancing skills and his seemingly irreverent attitude. The 26-year-old son of filmmaker David Dhawan became an instant heartthrob of teenagers thanks to Karan Johar’s fluffy, over-the-top glossy college drama Student Of The Year.

As if his zestful, young screen presence and hot physique was not enough to seduce viewers, director KJo decided to slid Varun’s sexy swimming trunks below the permissible limit to flash the young dude’s water slick posterior in an aesthetically shot sizzling sequence. No wonder Varun became the cool dude with oodles of sex appeal who could easily garner an unbelievable fan following overnight!

And now the boy is on a mission to be the Man – the mature creature ladies crave to flaunt and die to be with – in his latest shoot for the Man magazine. Reviving the classic rich brat image, Varun looks desirable, suave and dare we say a bit swishy! Be it the red pants with polka dotted shirt or the orange suit, it seems Varun doesn’t want to let his gay fans down either with his ‘colourful’ wardrobe. But we loved the perfect man look thanks to his bow-tie and chic blazer. The thick rimmed glasses, the cool loafers and those swanky cars in the backdrop only add to the dude’s desirability quotient.

Take a good look at these visually rich pictures and tell us if Varun is transforming himself into the perfect man or not!