Varun Dhawan or Siddharth Malhotra: Who will be B-town’s next heartthrob?

Posted Mon, October 1, 2012 9:30am IST

Karan Johar’s Student Of The Year launches two good-looking guys, but we wonder who will make Pretty Young Things squeal and scream louder. Vote to tell us!

It’s time for Ranbir Kapoor, Imran Khan and Ranveer Singh to make place on the B-town block of dapper dudes, ‘coz the WTF (Wikipedia, Twitter and Facebook) generation’s handsome hunks – although sometimes it’s difficult to tell one from another, thanks to their well-chiseled hot-bods – are headed to tinselville.

After Arjun Kapoor, Karan Johar’s ‘kids’ Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra will be Bollywood’s latest and youngest breed of leading men. And with that we hope our 40-plus superstars get a clue that that it’s time to pass the baton of romance to younger men.

The Student Of The Year boys are both tall, handsome and attractive, a combination that makes the opposite sex go weak in the knees, the head and every other body part. However, one has an edge over the other, at least for some of us in B-town, though we aren’t telling you which…not yet. So will it be the filmi kid Varun, or the outsider Siddharth who will topple the younger Kapoors, Khans and Singhs from the coveted throne for the crown of good-looking and talented actor?

To help you decide who your favourite dishy dude is, here’s a li’l bit we have read and heard about them:

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  • Emma

    I am afraid that they will repeat the story of srk and salman :s

    varun will be srk and sid will be salman looooooooool

    hope they stay friends and never fight ;)

  • KK

    Both of them look to be useless at acting.

    • Radha

      Do u now about acting kk

  • Radha

    I love u varun u and Alia are best and siddhart is also nice but varun is the best

  • Ahana Basu

    Well, I think Varun is okay okay but Siddharth OMG he is sooooo hot! He is the new heartthrob ofcourse :) Love you and best wishes may the movie reach 100 crores :) If the movie does not even reach a hundred crore it will surely reach my heart <3 Love you Siddharth :)

  • pragya

    i think Varun is more dashing&handsome.he is more handsome than sid.hope SOTY!!!! will break the box office.i love you of luck for SOTY

  • ry

    varun is more handsome than siddharth.

  • agrimgupta

    i think varun is the best actor and the sexiest hunk, sid is also nice but varun is a hunk.

  • Sam

    I like Siddharth. He’s cuter in the trailer

  • Prakash

    Sidharth looks handsome i love u

  • deepika

    sid…definitely he’s more cuter than varun & ppl intend to lyk sid more<3<3

  • Priya

    Both luks promising but i think varun is outstanding his dance on jhalak with madhuri ji awesome.

  • Suhani

    Sid is dashing n varun is shining in SOTY best of luck 2 them.

  • sonu khemani

    varun you are very cute
    and sid you are looking sweet

  • shady

    Varun & Sidharth Both Of Them is Better Than Alia …

  • Sneha

    Sid is just too hot and sexy nd very cute too……….he is jst wow!!! And I love him lyk anything……hope he gets all d success in lyff….And Siddharth u jst stole my heart away frm me….. :) muaaahhhh!!!!!

  • Aditi

    awww…varun looks sooo cute……
    he is definitely the best..
    I have seen sid in some show earlier..
    Dont know where..
    But his face look so familiar…
    For me its varun who will rock in soty :) )

    • shazia

      varunnnnnnnn all the way,

    • shazia

      doesnt siddharth look like Anuj in 12/24 Karol Bagh soap?

  • kim

    i love sid a lot, don’t what has happened to me since i hv saw him in student of the year

    • kim

      i just can’t live without siddharth. He is so lovely. Only god knows when i’ll meet him. luv u sid

  • Sneha

    Shazia, I respect ur choice but he definitely doesnt looks lyk any Anuj and all! And for Aditi I respect ur choice too but let me jst tell u tht sidd was d model of d year in 2010……..

    • Aditi

      Hey lets jst stop comparing both..
      Both r actors…
      Both are good looking…
      What else do we want from them…
      So we should say both rocks and both will be future superstars :) )
      Though varun is a better dancer :P

  • kim

    Hope that only siddharth will be the B-town’s next heartthrob.

  • nupi

    anytime siddharth.he is much better than varun

    • kim

      well said nupi ;)

      • krishpruthi

        nupi is pagleeee,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • rahul

      i think u r blind

  • shikha

    i just love Siddharth he is so cute, lovely, dashing and handsome. i just don’t like varun. For ma Siddharth is the best. I LOVE HIM A LOT, LUV U SIDDHARTH AAND MISS U A LOT. Since i have saw you my life has completely changed, i just want to spend the rest of my life with you

    • varsha

      do you know shikha, i also feel the same for him… i just love him. Muaaaah

  • Sneha

    hayee mera sidd!!! LOVE U SIDD…..

  • ash saxena

    siddharth malhotra iz d beessttt

  • lory

    Varun is so cute & good in dancing & also in expression.
    no doubt varun is the best.

  • Iram

    Mad at sid..:*

  • niki

    siddhart 100%

    • sara

      101% varun

    • megha

      siddharth is the best, he is true kuukad kamal da….

  • aditi

    I think Siddharth is the best, he is so cute and lovely. Feel like just keep looking at him.Luv u a lot siddharth

  • Radha

    Definitely varun!!!

  • mayuri

    varun <3 <3

  • payel

    Siddharth and sid and sid. lots of xoxo… I thnk u hve the face cut of srk nd i believe ur the next srk as u r kukkad kamaal da.!!!

  • krish38381

    Varun is UGLY. yuckkk……

    • ruchi

      first see your face than every1 will look handsome

  • L.E.E

    Siddharth is handsome more than varun.

    • aisha

      what d hell

  • kaushik roy

    siddharth malhotra

  • mano billi

    obviously varun muaaaaahhhhh love him wow nice personaality
    whereas sid is yuckk mainly characterized as “CHUSII AMBI ”
    1000000 KISSES 4 VARUN AND 1000000 HATES FOR SID


    love u manno billi 4 all d cmnt nmy answer is VARUN love him alot

  • raja

    varun muaaah everything is perfect in him

  • divya

    varun is more handsome than sid n varun is fab!!!! love u <3 <3 <3

  • bikal kto

    siddharth is the best….and he will be the best than varun

  • manan pokhrel

    siddharth is more handsome and better than varun….

  • bikal gairhe

    siddarth is the better than varun….sid is the best

  • ayush

    siddarth is the best…actor

  • moti

    sid is the best…varun yuckk

  • kalpana

    sid is the best,,,i hate varun

  • tara

    sid u are best….varun hatest

  • raj

    sid..u are the best…varun yuckkk

  • balkrishna

    siddharth is the best…he will sucess

  • tarini

    Varun <3 LOVE YOUUUU :* hottie ;) definetly varun! :D siddharth – *makes me sick*

  • deepika

    everyone thinks SID is best…actually me too I LOVE U
    he’s the true KUKKAD KAMAL DA…I love the way he’s looking, moving, walking & talking…it is true: he is Kukkad Kamaal da! <3 u Sidharth! HIS BODY,SMILE,ACTING,ah and the list goes…THINGS TO DIE FOR <3 I LOVE VARUN TOO…VARUN IS A GREAT DANCER…BUT SID STOLE MY HEART :)

  • ijlalhaider

    luv uuuuu sid more than anyone in this whole world;)varun is loooserr ugggg

    • carisa

      u are d big losser

  • meera

    varun is best……….. sid is like a white pole with no dancing sense sid tripple yaaaaaaaaacks

  • megha

    sid 100 percent, he is more cool, handsome and dashing than varun.

    • areeba

      ofcourse sid yr <3 luv him no one can baet him!sid iz best ov all!

      • asfa

        hes si hot go sid

        • dev

          sid is good but in matter of style, dancing skills, and attitude varun is far better than sid

      • akanksha

        hell wid sid varun iz the bestest ,cutiest ever and his dancing skills ufff varun ws more better dann sid

  • Manali

    Varun is much much better

  • johnson

    varun dhawan better then sid

  • saroj

    definately varun

  • dwayne


  • alex


  • varun


  • riya

    varun rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • riya

    definately varun rocks

  • riya

    definately varun rockzzzzzzzzzzz

  • anisha

    varun rocks.he is the next bollywood star i fell in luv wid him.i like him from the inner core of my heart

    • Amani

      I hate varun I love sidharth I fell in love with himmmmmmmmm !!!! I love sidharth!!!

  • Fariba Afra Nawar

    Sidharth is more cuter than varun because varun is fat,shorter than sidharth and sidharth is tall,handsome and attractive ………………………..”……………………………

    • faria

      varun has a good n outstanding body he is the next super star of the world

      • urvi

        r u serious???? varun he has got no luks……!!! look at sid he is a lot charming and smarter than varun…… varun is weird…..he is fat or at least luks so

    • akanksha

      ohh plz fariba sid ws tooo tall like a pole and nt too attractive than varun

  • dev


  • Anaya

    sid z 1000000 timez better than that stupid varun. .

    • Anami

      It is soooo true I absolutely hate Varun he is soooooooooo stupid..I loveeeeee siddd

      • akanksha

        how dare too say varun that hes stupid hez 10000crore times better dan sid….ahhh look at sid eew stupid……..idont know how he dare to come in bollywood wid his uglieness

    • faria

      anaya remove 1 frm it wat remains siddharth deserve that……………

  • Naila Syed

    Varun always no words to discribe how good he is and sid the looser the ugliest the cheapest the worst dont knw wat else.. Sid looser fans go for an eye check up

    • urvi

      r u serious???? varun he has got no luks……!!! look at sid he is a lot charming and smarter than varun…… varun is weird…..

  • faria

    u all r loser u dnt hav a standard that’s y poor people any wayz just forget it who is the best is best varun dhawan is the best and he will be the best forever

    • akanksha

      u r right faria varun is d best and always will be……there iz no compare between mah sweetheart varun and sid

  • giya

    obviously its sid cute cute and cute

  • sangeeta

    varun dhawan is far better than any other hero..

    • Cutie rani

      So true

  • raisatasneem

    i vote for sidharth

  • raisatasneem

    i love sid he is the cuetest in his first film he is became so famous

  • jinia

    SID s da bst ……

  • akanksha

    varun iz the best and i loveeee uuu sooooooo much varun <3