Varun Sharma interview: My director is the biggest Fukra at heart!

The young actor from Punjab, Varun Sharma is super excited about bagging an Excel production as his debut film

Making his debut in an Excel Entertainment production, the 23-year-old Varun Sharma is not one bit nervous. He is glad he could score a film like Fukrey for his debut and is dead sure that it will make a mark. In a fun interview, the young actor shares his thoughts on mentor Farhan Akhtar, being a fukra in real life and being chased by dogs in dark alleys…

This is your first film. Your thoughts…

I find myself lucky doing Fukrey, more than anything else! Working with Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani in my first film – it is just too good to be true. I have loved the work Excel has done, and I had some idea how Farhan would be in person. I mean I really considered him as an idol. And now, after meeting him, my idea of him has been proved wrong; he is even better than I thought. He made us all feel so comfortable. Same for Ritesh and my director Mrigdeep Singh. I didn’t feel like it was my first film at all! So I think I am plain lucky in this regard.

What was the most memorable time for you while shooting for Fukrey?

So many! Almost 90 percent of the time we all had such a tough job keeping a straight face! But I remember one particular scene where I was more terrified than I have ever been. I had to wear a weird, colourful skirt sort of a thing made of peacock feathers and was supposed to be chased by dogs in a dark alley. And I’m terrified of dogs. They scare me to death! But the thing was that the dogs weren’t keen on chasing me. So my director arranged for a bitch in heat, and placed her at the other end of the lane. I didn’t think it would work, but the way the dogs ran after that….I was shaking for minutes after that!

Do you identify with your character?

I’m from Punjab, so I know the kind of language that the characters speak in the film. I was also familiar with what ‘fukrey’ means, which is kind of a good for nothing person. I have heard people around me talk like how the characters talk, their lingo, etc., so I knew what it was all about. But I have never been so majorly wasted in my life! I mean, we’ve all been wasted, done scams, but nothing like my character Choocha and his friends. These guys need help!

What do you hope to get from the film?

I just hope that people appreciate the effort and the hard work that we all put in, especially my director. He had the whole film charted in his head. I learned so much watching him. While we were shooting the film, I suddenly realised that the biggest ‘fukra’ on the sets was my director! That aside, it is a very young, fun film, and I hope that the character I have played will be liked by everyone. I’m quite eager. I can’t wait to watch it with my family!