Veena Malik: Ashmit and I weren’t on talking terms while shooting for Supermodel!

This Pakistani actor is well known for her antics off screen than her acting prowess onscreen

Veena Malik was recently out to pose for the cameras in blue hot pants and a shiny blue tube top and the Ms Malik like always decided to give the gathered media some fodder. The Supermodel who was once romantically involved Ashmit Patel managed to get everyone’s attention when she commented on her relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

“Everybody asks about the exciting experiences during shooting because Ashmit Patel, Jakaie Shroff and Bobby Darling were there. But unfortunately, while shooting for Supermodel, I and Ashmit weren’t on talking terms. There was a cold war between us. So, no thrilling and exciting stories to share.”

Veena Malik