Veena Malik: Lost and found!

Veena Malik, who has come to India for the reality show Veena Ka Vivaah and her forthcoming films, was reported missing on last Friday. While her manager went into panic mode, many reports surfaced, claiming the actor had sneaked back into Pakistan

All those who have been wondering about Veena Malik’s whereabouts, no longer need to worry. The actor was found safe and sound in a hotel in Mumbai. Veena was to be the showstopper for designer Riyaz Gangji but she slipped away from the sets of her horror flick, Mumbai 125 kilometres and since then had been untraceable for two days. Rumour mills even suggested that Veena was very upset the way her name was maligned in the FHM magazine scandal so she checked into a hotel without informing anyone. But the real reason apparently was that the actor had taken ill and was given a really high dosage of medicine by her doc so she could recover faster. Clearly the medicine got the sultry actor snoozing straight for two days or she would have taken the trouble to at least inform her manager you’d think. But it was Riyaz who was more upset and affected with Veena’s sudden disappearing act considering he had her look and dress designed two months in advance. And now the designer has to find someone else for his ramp show. So to all the loyal Veena Malik followers, all is well with the actor and we are sure she will be back with a bang or with a new controversy very soon. So sit back and watch this space for more!