Veena Malik plays eco-friendly Holi on the sets of Nagna Satyam: view pics

The sexy babe took some time off from shooting her upcoming South Indian movie to play with colours

In her latest pictures to hit the Internet, actor Veena Malik is seen fully clothed in a salwar kameez, looking every bit traditional – unlike her bold seductress image! No, don’t faint, she hasn’t had a change of heart. This Pakistani beauty was just playing Holi on the sets of her upcoming film Nagna Satyam. This is Veena’s second movie down South after Silk Sakkath Maga (the Kannada version of Vidya Balan’s The Dirty Picture).

Veena decided to have some fun on the festive occasion. She emphasised that the colours she used were made from natural herbs that are good for the face and body. How very thoughtful, wethinks! She also had a special message for her fans. “I request my fans to use eco-friendly colours. It is better to have a safe and colourful Holi. I wish them all Happy Holi,” said Veena, who is all excited to celebrate the festival.

So guys, will you too, like Ms Malik, play with natural colours this Holi? We hope so!