Posted Tue, May 21, 2013 4:58pm IST

The Pakistani wannabe starlet visited the red light district in Mumbai to promote her new film, Zindagi 50-50

Sometimes we just gotta wonder about life. She is not bad looking, she is not too old, she is not that bad an actor that she cannot be moulded and she could be any one of the many PYTs trying to make it in Bollywood. But then why – and this is an impassioned plea – does Veena Malik insist on taking the down and dirty fast track to fame…or should that read ‘notoriety’?

Instead of taking it slow and steady and working on her acting chops, this gal has chosen to shed all her inhibitions after she shed her clothes and is working it with a flash of flesh and a pout of over-painted lips to grab attention. And where Sherlyn Chopra has gone kind-of, maybe, perhaps, borderline respectable with her bona fide shoot for Playboy magazine and a film being showcased at Cannes, Veena has just sunk lower in the cheap stakes with every move she has made, from denying a nude cover shoot to her latest stunt for that share of the limelight.

Her latest is an appearance in the red light district of Mumbai (Kamathipura), where she met sex workers and distributed condoms, all to promote her new film, Zindagi 50-50, in which she plays a lady of the streets called Madhuri. And frankly, rude as we may sound, she fit right in to the environment she was visiting, with her overly low cut red top and those frighteningly pouty red lips…shudder! Ask us or not, but in our honest opinion, Ms Malik needs a new career guidance counsellor. She is on a track that will not get her more than C-grade (or below) projects in moviedom if she keeps going in her particular direction. But maybe that is what our wannabe heroine is aiming at…. Who knows!