Posted Tue, December 6, 2011 1:55pm IST

Veena has some clothes on, but the ISI tattoo remains in this picture

Pakistani actor Veena Malik has sued FHM India for Rs 10 crore for morphing her nude pic on their December 2011 cover, which also has an Inter Servies Intelligence (ISI) tattoo on her body. The magazine’s editor Kabeer Sharma has denied the picture was morphed, saying the actor was very much aware of what was being shot. We came across a new cover pic of Veena on the men’s magazine’s website. Veena is seen wearing some clothes at least – although we are not sure if men like that (wink wink). The actor’s beau Ashmit Patel sure must be unhappy, although she is sending all those threatening emails from his home we hear. On FHM, topless Veena is holding a hand grenade in her right hand, and is just about to blow it up – with its safety lock between her teeth. She is wearing what looks like a ‘chaddi’ made out of a waist bag design. The colour is military green with a star on it. And the ISI tattoo remains on her left arm. We wonder if Veena runs the risk of being deported from her country! Meanwhile, a leading newspaper has released an old nude image of the actor which looks anything but morphed. Check it all out!

Photos: FHM India and Indiatimes


Veena Malik posing nude for FHM cover

Veena Malik’s sizzling photoshoot